Imposter syndrome hits lawyers hardest, survey finds

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One in three say their work dreams cause them anxiety

A study has revealed that a third of legal professionals frequently dream about imposter syndrome, the highest proportion of any sector in the UK.

The legal field ranks 10th in the UK for the frequency of work-related dreams in the new research that aims to shed light on the relationship between British workers’ careers and dreams.

Professionals who most frequently dream about the day job were those employed in HR and architecture, engineering and construction, according to the survey of 2,205 workers.

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The study by bespoke furniture specialist Neville Johnson indicated that imposter-syndrome dreams peak at both graduate and director level for UK professionals and is more commonly experienced by those in higher wage brackets.

The research also details other issues troubling the minds of sleeping legal professionals. Forty-four percent reported that that they frequently had dreams about excessive workloads, whilst 39% encountered “negative or inappropriate colleague relationships” in the land of nod.

Other issues that were cited as being the subject of work dreams were feeling under-qualified for the role (32%), being under-prepared for a task (30%), and being in a different job (26%). One in three workers in the legal sector noted that their work dreams had the consequence of causing them anxiety.

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