New Year round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from the New Year period

This year, lawyers need to learn their place [spiked]

Unions expected to take legal action against Rishi Sunak’s anti-strike laws [The Guardian]

All the new laws coming in 2023 that will affect workers, landlords, voters and more [Mirror]

Bonfire of EU laws is now ‘unlikely to take place in 2023’: Government’s pledge to remove up to 4,000 pieces of Brussels-linked legislation faces ‘a three-year delay’ [Daily Mail]

‘Overwhelmed’ justice system failing victims of crime, CPS chief warns [The Independent]

British voters want foreign human rights court to stop interfering with UK laws [Express]

Female voters want the legal ‘right to know’ what their male colleagues are paid [The Telegraph] (free, but registration required)

London law firms face a reckoning in 2023 after this year’s ‘pay scale mess’ [Bloomberg] (free, but registration required)

Will OpenAI’s ChatGPT change law firm SEO? [Forbes]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

The raw truth about legal crowdfunding [The Critic]

Ukraine war: Putin should face trial this year, says top lawyer [BBC]

Jimmy Lai won’t get his lawyer: Beijing says Hong Kong can deny foreign lawyers for the first time [Wall Street Journal]

Amber Heard’s avengers: her team in Britain fight back against online hatred [The Times] (£)

U.S. News & World Report, facing backlash, revamps its law school rankings [Reuters]

BAD JUDGE-MENT: Judge who conducted court case on phone while driving ticked off for bad behaviour [The Sun]

12 New Year’s resolutions for aspiring lawyers [Legal Cheek]

“The biggest lie of law school surfaces again: reading cases. Why waste your precious time reading hundreds of pages of cases when there are perfectly good summaries available online and in textbooks, written by professors and/or top students?” [Legal Cheek comments]

Virtual student event NEXT WEEK: Life as a transactional lawyer — with Travers Smith [Apply to attend]

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1 Comment

Legal Officer With A 2.ii

Re: Amber Heard – 99.9% of people who dislike her for her self-admitted behaviour have never shared her home address, want to contact her personally or give a **** why she choose to date a millionaire Hollywood actor. As a woman, I don’t need other women to dictate who I should and shouldn’t like.

Let’s see if Amber is still on speaking terms with her ‘army’ of hangers-on ten years from now.

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