9 heart-breaking moments as a law student

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It’s not all chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day; especially for aspiring lawyers

‘Roses are red, coffee is black. If I fail this module, I’m not coming back.’

If you’re a law student this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance your heart is sinking rather than singing. We’ve collected together all those (not so) memorable moments so that you can have a laugh, or maybe just a little cry?

Reading the words ‘unfortunately on this occasion…’

Stab me through the heart why don’t you?

Setting the alarm for the 9 am lecture

What fresh hell is this?

When there’s no case explanation on Wikipedia

Bringing a whole new definition to no case to answer

Opening LinkedIn to see everyone ‘delighted to announce’ their TC offers

Always the bridesmaid never the bride…

Walking into the wrong lecture theatre

Even worse if you don’t realise until already settled. Enjoy the next hour of quantitative chemistry.

When you have to cancel your hot date for a night in with your with land law assessment

Grafting harder than the contestants of Love Island

Paying £55 for a law textbook

I’d call it an investment but I haven’t taken the cellophane off so I guess it’s more of a collectable…

When you’re just getting to grips with an area of law and then it changes

“Mugged off” doesn’t begin to cover it.

When you arrive at the networking event to find it doesn’t have free food

Or worse, you spend evening introducing yourself to senior partners with bits of canapé in your teeth…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers ❤️





Final Year Law Student

Okay so today, i walked in to a different class and they just happen to be teaching a topic in civil engineering. I have already settled in with my bags and books out etc. I just sat there and listened for the 1 hour lecture. Also turns out that i missed the time for my main land law lecture as the lecture was scheduled just an hour after.

When a student turned around to ask for my insight on a particular point i pretended not to hear at first and then later opened up to her that i was not meant to be in this class and all that – lol [i was just feeling ashamed of myself] lmao



Getting a 2:2. I was guttered but stuck with it and now qualified and earning more than I ever could have imagined.

P.s it did take a while, 3.5 years of being a paralegal but that was then and this is now.


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