12 times lawyers made it to ‘Fesshole’

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Hugely popular Twitter account allows members of the public to confess all anonymously

They say confession is good for the soul.

That might go some way to explaining the immense popularity of ‘Fesshole’, a Twitter account with close to a million followers where members of the public can anonymously share their confessions and embarrassing stories.

The account appears particularly popular with lawyers (or those who have had dealings with them), so Legal Cheek has taken it upon itself to highlight some of the more eye-catching admissions.

Disclaimer: we have no idea if these are true are not.

Check them out below 👇

Coming to a tribunal near you?

Vertically! Surely not?


Scales of justice

Back to law school…

‘You need to switch trains at York’

Quite emotional tbf

A new euphemism is born

You can never be too careful


Career change on the horizon?

Just 80%?

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