A&O and Shearman reveal new combined logo as part of mega merger plans

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Magic Circle and US firms announced plans to combine on Sunday

Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling have unveiled a combined logo as part of yesterday’s news they are set to merge to create a global mega firm.

Magic Circle firm A&O teamed up with US firm Shearman & Sterling, it was confirmed on Sunday, to create the third largest integrated law firm in the world. The new firm will be known as Allen Overy Shearman Sterling, or A&O Shearman.

Now it has revealed its new logo (below), which retains elements from both their old ones, namely A&O’s font and Shearman’s dark palette, though it’s green (not black) in colour.

A&O Shearman’s logo

It’ll be known as A&O Shearman for short, yesterday’s joint press release confirmed, but that didn’t stop speculation among our readers, with ‘ASS-O’ among one of the memorable suggestions.

A look at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) database shows a website has been set-up for ‘’ as of yesterday.

The firm said the merger, which is subject to customary closing conditions including a partner vote, was “driven by clients’ needs for a seamless global offering of the highest quality”. It will bring together 3,900 lawyers across 49 offices and approximately £2.7 billion in combined revenues.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Here’s how the firms compare in terms of pay and other metrics, according to our Firms Most List:

Category Allen & Overy Shearman & Sterling
Training contracts 90 15
Trainee pay (Year 1) £50,000 £55,000
Trainee pay (Year 2) £55,000 £60,000
NQ pay £125,000 £145,000
PEP £1,950,000 £2,530,000
Offices 43 25
Countries 29 16

It is unclear at this stage what A&O Shearman’s trainee and newly qualified (NQ) rates will be.

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That logo is absolutely mid, they got finessed by a BTEC graphics designer


How much did a marketing agency get paid for that abomination?


ICANN also shows that was registered on May 21 2023


On a Sunday… that should be a day for family and church. What a dire state of affairs – some people need to get their priorities straight.


Clearly you’re new here


Also interesting to note is that Allen & Overy applied for the following Trademarks on that day:
1. A&O Shearman
2. Allen Overy Shearman Sterling


I like the merger but… that logo?! It looks drunk. Really awful.


‘I like the merger’. You need to go touch grass


Am I the only one who actually likes the logo?


Nope, I like it too. Especially in white on the dark green background.

I also like the tiny yet symbolic detail that design-wise, the new ampersand is a combination of A&O’s and S&S’s current ampersands.


Obviously no one is going to say “A


Which lucky Spring vac schemer got this task?


looks pwopa shet lmaoooooo

Graphic Designer

Old Shearman logo was class, what a loss


Old Shearman logo looked like that of a mid beach resort chain


It’s not so much a logo as simply writing the firm’s name in New Times Roman on white background.

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