Baker McKenzie posts 100% autumn trainee retention score

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By Emily Hinkley on


16 out of 16

The London office of international law firm Baker McKenzie has posted a perfect autumn retention score of 100% with all 16 final-seat trainees staying put.

Four NQs join the firm’s corporate team, a further three are employment-bound, dispute resolution gains two new solicitors, two will join banking and two will join Bakers’ private equity group. The final three will start lawyer life in the IP and tech, structured capital markets and energy, mining & infrastructure teams.

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Stephen Ratcliffe, training principal at Bakers, said:

“As Baker McKenzie looks ahead to the start of its next era of growth in London with its move to 280 Bishopsgate later this year, our 100% retention rate for the autumn is a reflection of our commitment to retaining and developing the best talent. We’ve got another fantastic cohort of newly qualified lawyers joining our ranks across a range of practice areas and I am excited to see them continuing to thrive in their careers with us.”

Following an increase in July, the latest recruits can expect an NQ salary of £118,000. Trainees at Bakers currently receive £50,000 in year one, rising to £55,000 in year two. The firm offers around 40 training positions each year.



Big W for them. Are there any other firms rising NQ salaries?

Go on, it's only fair



Bakers may not have the same salary as its US counterparts (NB 118k it’s not shabby in any case…) but with the breadth and quality of work, training, and diversity, it seems like one of the best places to be right now


Considering my friends at BM aren’t worked to their early deaths (still long hours though), I’d take the £118k salary, new office and flexible working. Quality of work same as magic circle, but you get to have the firm’s massive brand name behind you when you leave and go in house or move to other law firms. Also apparently bakers trainees get top US offers all the time, I kinda wished I trained there then moved.


What makes you think trainees at MC firms aren’t constantly offered top US firms?

Bakers trainees are good, but they’ve got nothing on the MC lot.


lol some of us don’t like being treated like dogs at MC shops


Why was Latham retention bad or something?

Tryna see something

Which has the worst hours – finance, corporate (M&A or PE) or funds? Or all equally as bad


M&A and Finance are both equally bad – arguable more weekend work with M&A however. Funds is much more predictable hours and deadlines are much more spaced out.




Trust me if you’re at Bakers you’re still working crazy hours particularly if you’re in the transactional department.


Sure, but that’s the same wherever you go in the top 10

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