Bank Holiday round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from the long weekend

London’s reputation as divorce capital could be tested by legal shake-up [Financial Times] (£)

European judges are ‘treading on national sovereignty’ blasts Suella Braverman as the Home Secretary leaves the option of the UK leaving the ECHR open [Mail Online]

‘They’re so pathetic’: Jess Phillips slams government attacks on lawyers [The Guardian]

Conservative attacks on ‘lefty lawyers’ fuel hate mail and racist abuse [Financial Times] (£)

‘We are paying for something we didn’t get’: The students taking their universities to court [Big Issue]

Bibby Stockholm: Migrant barge faces legal challenge over fire safety [BBC News]

Keir Starmer’s days as a heartthrob barrister before politics revealed [Evening Standard]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Stonehenge: Fresh legal challenge launched over tunnel on A303 [ITV]

Trump legal team claims trial dates ‘by design’ clash with election campaign [The Guardian]

Barrister explains why they wear ‘horsehair’ wigs in court [Mail Online]

The Best Lawyer in ‘Suits’ Isn’t Mike or Harvey, It’s This Character [Collider]

“The principle of solicitor apprenticeships are great but so many people get messed around. If you do accept an apprenticeship, make sure it’s at a top firm and it’s not a paralegal apprenticeship with later consideration of being put on the solicitor apprenticeship.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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