Worst clubbers? Law students, says door supervisor in viral TikTok

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‘You’re breaking the law not letting me into the club tonight…’

Aspiring lawyers appear to have developed a bit of reputation among the door supervisor community if a clip that’s gone mega-viral on TikTok is anything to go by.

The clip, viewed over 6.4 million times, sees a doorman asked the question: “What are the worst kind of people that you get in the queue?”

Without missing a beat, the man responds: “The law student.”


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He goes on to offer his impression of a law student: “Do you have any idea that you’re breaking the law not letting me into the club tonight.”

The unnamed doorman then offers another line: “Do you know who my mum and dad are? My mum is a top criminal solicitor and my daddy owns an estate in Surrey.”

But who else makes the doorman’s list of irritating club-goers? People who question why they’re being kicked-out after being caught “having a piss in the corner of the club”.

Well at least law students are in good company…

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Those were the days

When I was a student, frequenting night clubs, I always used to think bouncers were absolute w*nkers. However, I also had it at the back of my mind that I was a drunk and annoying child barely out of puberty. Bouncers are just ordinary men and women doing their jobs, and maybe when I grew up, I’d take a different view.

I’m now in my late thirties, teetotal and haven’t been to a nightclub in years. Looking back, I can confirm that my views at the time where wholly accurate. Bouncers are the worst. The absolute dregs of society.

When I were a lad…

One of my flat mates in my undergrad years, was a law student. We went out with her and other students on her law course to celebrate her birthday. We were mainly teetotal, they ordered pint after pint and then did a runner, leaving the birthday girl with the bill, who then came crying to us, blaming her flat mates for not paying up. I mean… quite aside from boasting that they were law students and demanding to be treated with privilege, leaving others to pay their bills and refusing to be held accountable… I’m not quite sure why some (not all) law students sometimes get such a bad rep..

it's only a laugh

Sounds more like politics students…

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