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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Which crimes no longer deserve prison? [The Spectator] (free, but registration required)

How Often Has Elon Musk Been Sued? The Twitter Lawsuit and More Explained [Make Us Of]

Access to justice: how can we do more? [Legal Cheek Journal]

Knowing what your children are taught — Conservative lawyers want new rights for parents [A Lawyer Writes]

Black women leaders at the Bar [Bar Council]

The winds of change – What next for public law climate disputes in the UK? [HSF Notes]

Amal Clooney and Rupert Skilbeck on why Britain fails to hold war criminals to account [Economist] (£)

What is the Katy Perry Act? Singer and husband Orlando Bloom caught up in property dispute [Evening Standard]

Menopause in the workplace – where are we now? [Lexology] (free, but registration required)

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