Revealed: law’s most lucrative languages to boost salaries

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Good news for Portuguese speakers

Research has found that legal jobs which require Portuguese as a second language offer, on average, a larger pay packet than other bilingual roles

Language learning platform Preply examined over 360,000 job adverts across the UK and US to determine which bilingual jobs offer the most cash.

In the UK legal sector, it was Portuguese which took the crown for largest average salary, the positions averaging out at hefty £86,750. Close behind were German and Arabic, both coming in at just over £81,000, and French and Spanish at £78,000 and £62,000, respectively.

However, for those speedily dusting off their Duolingo accounts, it may be worth noting the availability of these roles.

The study found that only 4% of legal positions requiring multiple languages mentioned Portuguese. In this field German dominated, taking 40% of the roles, with French at 29%, and Spanish in third place at only 11%.

Also featuring in the list are Japanese, with the lowest average salary and number of vacancies, and Mandarin, again towards the lower end in both categories. Italian was required in 5% of legal vacancies and commanded an average salary of £52,000.

The data for the study came from job search engine Adzuna, and only took into account ads explicitly looking for foreign language skills.



I work in legal recruitment and have done for over 10 years. Before that I was a lawyer for 10 years before that. Never heard of Adzuna so the chances of them having data that’s representative of the overall legal profession is basically nil.


Well if “Ken” doesn’t know them, it must be wrong. Definitive proof. Thanks for deeming us worthy of your exalted opinion oh great one.


Thanks for your input Adzuna marketing guy!


Just because I think someone attacking a reputable company is wrong doesn’t mean I work for them. Please be a little less simplistic.


Ken carries a lot of weight around here matey


You must have seen his credentials and verified them, like anyone can do for Adzuna, who, as a legit company can be looked up and their credentials seen.

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