Christmas gifts for law lovers

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By Christianah Omobosola Babajide on

’Tis the season for Christmas rizz

Unsure of how to delight your favourite law student this festive season? Panicking with Christmas just around the corner? Fear not, here are a selection of Christmas gifts ideas for the law student or lawyer in your life.

But first, cawfee

No law student can survive without their caffeine fix. How else will they be able to stay up until midnight, make their early-morning lecture, and still have the energy to tell everyone they study law? Any law student would save a ton of money if they had their own coffee machine or Moka pot, making it the perfect gift for Christmas. If you don’t want to splash out on a machine, a law-themed reusable cup or mug is a thoughtful alternative. For the Suits fan in your life, why not try this:

Available on Etsy for £11.11

Or, for the true legal fanatic:

A worthwhile purchase at £11.99 on Etsy

Be techy

Studies prove that high noise levels make it harder to concentrate. Think like a law student and consider what tech gifts would enhance their study sessions and block out distracting background noise. Noise-cancelling earphones? Yes please! A high-quality laptop stand? On my list. A portable charger? How could I say no? Or, if you’re looking for something sweet and simple, why not just take care of their precious phone:

Under the tree and ready for your law bestie for only £15.33 on Etsy

Diffuse the stress away

Law school is like a triple-decker stress sandwich—physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting! And hey, sometimes, that regular caffeine fix just won’t cut it when stress is on the rise.

I used a diffuser during my law degree, and it was the perfect pick-me-up when I was feeling sluggish or tired of land law. To go the extra mile, why not throw in an essential oil to help keep your law buddy relaxed? Besides, who wouldn’t want to fill their room with the smell of… a library book?

“Library Book Fragrance Oil” is a bargain at any price, although especially worthwhile at £3.25 from Scent Perfique


The average law student reads hundreds of texts every day. All the reading and writing can lead to eye strain or worse. With a small portable light, they can read anywhere, be it in a poorly lit law library, or in bed at night without disturbing others. And to go with it, what could a law student love more than a legal bookmark?

Yours for just £5.89 on Etsy

Legal attire

We all know at least one law student that spends the majority of their time telling other people about their degree, rather than actually studying. To help this friend, why not get them something that can tell others about their degree for them, saving valuable time to crack on with some actual work. Perhaps this would work?

Available in eight colours on Etsy for £12.31

Or, for the romantic:

Available in a bumper 16 colours for £12.46+ on Etsy

And finally…

As you wrap up your Christmas shopping for your favourite law student, consider these thoughtful gifts that cater to their unique needs. From the caffeine boost to tech-savvy study aids, stress-relieving aromatherapy and convenient reads; these prezzies are sure to make this holiday season a special one.

Happy holidays!

Christianah Omobosola Babajide works in legal marketing at a leading barristers’ chambers in Central London. She has a degree in law and over five years of legal writing experience.

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