If law modules were Christmas dinner foods…

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They have more in common than you think

Have you ever sat down for a tasty Christmas dinner, looked across your plate at the various foods, and seen the resemblance of your favourite, or least favourite, law modules? No? Well, we have…

Turkey = contract

The centrepiece of any Christmas/legal dinner. Really, it’s difficult to imagine a festive feast without it, the other components just don’t work on their own. However, there is the potential for it to be dry in parts, so caution is advised.

Brussels sprouts = EU

Strongly divides opinion – loved by some, hated by others. It’s in the name…

Roast potatoes = constitutional

A classic, something that everyone can and will have an opinion on, regardless of their culinary or legal knowledge. At their best, crispy and solid looking on the outside, however, the centre is typically very fluffy and falls apart easily.

Carrots = criminal

Something that you know you can’t get away from in order to make it through your dinner. Some really enjoy it, others find it a little too heavy and hard to deal with. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but not too bad either.

Parsnips = jurisprudence

An odd mix of carrots and roast potatoes. Slightly confused as to what it is, and nobody else really understands either. Nevertheless, can add something different and new to the mix, or just leave you questioning why you bothered in the first place.

Peas = tax

Impossible to tackle all at once. If you have any hope of success here, you have to take it piece by piece and slowly work your way through. Even then, there’s no guarantee of success.

Stuffing = land

Potential for exceptional levels of dryness and a texture more akin to sand than sausage. If executed well, can be an excellent addition to the meal, but high risk, high reward.

Bread sauce = trusts

To most people a foreign concept and appears unwelcoming, and tastes even worse. Some would disagree and slather their dinner with the concoction – but we’ll never understand them.

Chocolate yule log = family

One for all the family to enjoy – plain and simple. If you try and eat too much at once, you could end up feeling a little queasy, but pace yourself, and (almost) nothing can go wrong.

Chocolate selection box = tort

It’s the bit that everyone is actually looking forward to. No stress, no mess, just pure, sweet enjoyment. There’s something in here for everyone, even if you like bountys!


goodThur Nothing

Just a reminder: if you’re having Brussels with your Christmas meal, you really need to get them on the cooker but close of business tonight.

goodThur Nothing

Just a reminder: if you’re having Brussels with your Christmas meal, you really need to get them on the cooker by close of business tonight.

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