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Meet the lawyer flying the flag for Bristol’s thriving legal scene

Simmons & Simmons' Caroline Turner-Inskip reflects on the wide-ranging benefits of building a legal career in the South West

1 day ago
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How the SQE is forging new pathways into the profession

BPP’s Head of Client Development, Liz Ritter, talks apprenticeships, exam performance and ‘teething problems' with the new route

May 14 2024 9:12am
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Meet the law school empowering future lawyers through ‘collaborative learning’

Head of Department James Catchpole discusses The City Law School’s unique approach to SQE training ahead of LegalEdCon 2024

May 7 2024 11:30am

How one law school is planning to fill junior lawyers’ learning gaps

Director of Professional Development at ULaw, Jim Moser, explains the missing links in legal training and how the education giant is tackling them

May 2 2024 8:35am

‘AI will do the heavy lifting so lawyers can do the heavy thinking’

LexisNexis’ Matthew Leopold discusses its latest AI offering and how it will likely impact the legal industry

Apr 23 2024 11:12am
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How one law school is embracing technology to bring SQE success

BARBRI’s Jody Tranter discusses how the law school’s innovative approach helps create bespoke learning experiences for its students

Apr 22 2024 9:45am

IBA releases guidance for law schools to safeguard student mental health

Wellbeing issues should not be sign of weakness, says International Bar Association

Mar 18 2024 8:14am

Training contract seekers reveal their biggest law firm ‘green flags’

Good salary, work-life balance, diversity and more 💚

Mar 14 2024 8:39am

9 influential women lawyers who shaped the legal industry

Recognising achievements on International Women's Day

Mar 8 2024 10:13am

The must-follow lawfluencers for 2024

Spice up your feed with these social media pros 🔥

Mar 6 2024 7:41am

What to expect as a paralegal

Legal Cheek explains...

Feb 29 2024 9:10am

Revealed: What law firms pay their solicitor apprentices

School leavers starting on up to £28k

Feb 28 2024 8:58am

Kim K puts lawyer dream ‘on pause’

Focusing on businesses

Feb 26 2024 12:02pm

How to overcome disappointing first year law school grades

Oxford law postgrad and Legal Cheek writer Sophie Dillon offers up her top tips

Feb 23 2024 8:56am

Why you probably shouldn’t date a law student

From losing arguments to dealing with their superiority complex -- the reasons are many

Feb 14 2024 7:49am
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How to make the SQE work for you

We talk solicitor assessments with Caroline Rayson, BPP’s SQE1 Award Leader

Feb 13 2024 8:46am

Why aspiring solicitors should consider the in-house path

Nissan legal counsel Joan Scott discusses the unique challenges that come with working for some of the world's largest companies

Jan 29 2024 10:06am