Author: judge-john-hack

The mystery of the vertically-challenged barristers

Bar Council tweet highlights a new set of Hobbit-sized lawyers

Jul 29 2015 3:58pm

Legal Cheek hit with take-down notice over barrister and sheep picture

Marketing managers -- donchya just love ‘em. Especially po-faced examples in the legal profession

Jul 28 2015 4:04pm

Rubbish press release: take a bow, Slaughter and May

Old skool City law firm fails to get a grip on this new PR thing

Jul 24 2015 2:01pm

The Judge Reviews: legal aid propaganda play is worthy but dull

“The Invisible” won’t sway Michael Gove, but it will bore audiences

Jul 24 2015 10:49am

The GDL is for ‘spineless’ losers, says Bristol Uni law student

Graduate Diploma in Law is for those with a half-hearted interest in legal profession, claims LLBer, amid decline in popularity of conversion route

Jul 23 2015 10:08am

From wasps to car-hire — junior lawyers need to diversify

There are many ways to exhibit commercial awareness...

Jul 22 2015 4:17pm

Fried Mars bars — Scottish judges and lawyers love ‘em …

Shock discovery reveals secret legal profession culinary habits north of border

Jul 22 2015 2:40pm

War of words at Milton Keynes County Court

Kiss good-bye to lawyer civility

Jul 21 2015 3:34pm

Lawyer calls client a ‘small penis as*hole’ — then challenges him to a duel over billing dispute

Row with your client? Insult the size of his manhood and then figuratively slap him in face with a silk glove

Jul 17 2015 11:54am

The Judge Rules: criminal barristers are playing into the government’s hands

The current strike is likely to be short lived and ultimately lead to what the Ministry of Justice wants

Jul 17 2015 9:26am

Signs of despair as criminal bar strike ballot moves to climax

Will lawyers take a leaf from book of French revolutionaries on Bastille Day?

Jul 14 2015 3:31pm

Clifford Chance ponders battery farm lawyers

Office sub-let deal to leading German bank sparks fears of poolside culture clash

Jul 14 2015 2:29pm

Meet the traditional Law Society man on steps — and the garrotted wife

Weird rituals were enacted at yesterday’s annual meeting of the body that represents solicitors

Jul 10 2015 4:25pm

Booked up

Can anyone beat this pile of law tomes?

Jul 10 2015 11:54am

The Judge Rules: Chambers have a niggling problem with sexual harassment

Bar authorities have done well with recent £4,000 fine, but the hearing process needs to be more open

Jul 10 2015 10:24am

Is this the real ‘Suits’ law firm?

Ok, so they’re in unfashionable Toronto and not NYC, but the airbrushed Henein Hutchison mob has nailed the look just in time for broadcast of series five

Jul 8 2015 3:08pm

Court user lashes out at ban on legal aid debates in robing rooms

Officials have confirmed that mentioning the word “strike” while on court premises is a naughty step offence

Jul 7 2015 12:14pm

Is Ministry of Justice being mawkish with its rebadged Twitter page?

Families of those murdered in Tunisia are not going to feel better because of a slogan

Jul 3 2015 4:28pm

The Judge Rules: In defence of Lord Harley

It’s time to drop the Alan Blacker obsession

Jul 3 2015 9:42am

Royal Courts of Justice chiefs in security crackdown to beat terror threat

But crisis looms over fire extinguisher shortfall

Jul 2 2015 9:45am

Latham & Watkins vac schemer in Wolf of Wall Street-style drugs and prostitutes binge

Wannabe lawyer splurged firm’s cash on first-class travel and took a call girl to formal work dinner -- quality performance!

Jul 1 2015 12:32pm