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US Supreme Court legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg now has her own Lady Hale spider pin

'Notorious RBG' thanks lawyers at 2 Bedford Row for arachnid fashion item

Nov 15 2019 12:00pm

Someone has created a spoof LinkedIn account for the ‘UK’s top barrister’

It is even less humble than Michael Wolkind QC's actual website

Dec 18 2015 10:56am

Court of Appeal refers ‘UK’s top barrister’ to regulator over his incredible website

Michael Wolkind QC's “inappropriate attempts at humour” during murder trial will also be scrutinised by Bar Standards Board

Dec 17 2015 11:32am

‘UK’s top barrister’ forced to defend accusations of being ‘wholly incompetent’

Convicted murderer unhappy with Michael Wolkind QC, whose incredible website seems to have raised expectations

Nov 30 2015 12:05pm