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Do our gun laws leave us open to a US-style shooting?

A critical look at UK firearms law and why it's still lagging behind

Aug 25 2016 10:07am

City in-house lawyer faces trial over allegation of sexual assault

Defendant accused of smacking a woman’s bottom, pouring a beer over her and calling her an “Australian slut”

Aug 18 2016 3:48pm

Lawyers clash over plans for top firms to help police with cybercrime investigations

"Public-private partnership" throws up doubt over solicitors’ motives

Aug 15 2016 11:22am

Should the UK introduce Italy’s anti-vegan law?

We spoke to some criminal lawyers to find out

Aug 10 2016 9:04am

Why I think you should be able to buy illegal drugs from licensed shops

The law on drugs and why it’s so, so wrong

Aug 8 2016 10:25am

Lawyer who appeared on barrister hottie list on trial for sex attack at 25 Bedford Row

Victim said to have tried on his wig and gown before alleged assault

Aug 2 2016 1:20pm

Bizarre courtroom transcript turned into cartoon

Animators breathe new life into viral judge vs defendant exchange

Jul 26 2016 12:31pm

Elite commercial chambers moves into … criminal law

And you thought crime didn't pay

Jul 8 2016 1:34pm

Codify all the criminal law, says the country’s number one judge

Your statute books may be about to get a lot thicker

Jul 8 2016 9:24am

What is contempt of court? Here’s a graphic example

A US courtroom is treated to surreal dialogue prompted by an abusive defendant -- and then the judge gets involved

Jun 27 2016 1:36pm

Is the Supreme Court about to change the law of homicide?

Student syllabuses set to change YET again

Jun 14 2016 12:48pm

7 criminal laws and practices we’re really glad to see the back of

Read this and never moan about the criminal justice system again

Jun 13 2016 9:03am

Criminal barrister and his property lawyer wife in court on stalking charges

The couple deny launching a “vulgar” campaign of threats against the Legal 500 barrister’s former mistress

Jun 8 2016 11:37am

What do Spider-Man and Superman teach us about criminal justice?

Lessons in law from the pages of comic books

Jun 7 2016 11:16am

Review: My experience being a jury member at a comedy criminal trial

Katie King reviews ‘This Is Your Trial’, the acclaimed improv show

Jun 7 2016 9:02am

R v Jogee – A Supreme Court betrayal

The campaign against the joint enterprise doctrine is not over

May 13 2016 12:22pm

Man behind criminal law syllabus shake up to face retrial for murder

An appeal by Ameen Jogee saw the law on joint enterprise drastically changed, but his fate still hangs in the balance

Apr 7 2016 4:07pm

Joshua Rozenberg: Delayed legal highs law will be a fruitful ground for litigation — when it’s finally implemented

Poppers are probably exempt from the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, but no one is quite sure about jalapeño peppers

Apr 7 2016 10:05am

Making a Murderer: Is our criminal appeals process any better?

The factually guilty routinely ‘let off on a technicality’, while the factually innocent stay in prison

Apr 5 2016 11:30am

Coroners and Justice Act 2009: Is it a blessing or just further stressing?

The introduction of the loss of control defence is a step backwards for the criminal law

Mar 30 2016 2:35pm

Staggering 99.9% conviction rate in China revealed

An ode to Chinese defence lawyers

Mar 14 2016 3:31pm