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Reed Smith launches ‘SQE academy’ in UAE

Open to all individuals that have graduated from a recognised university

Nov 9 2022 12:20pm

Is now the time to dual-qualify?

As US firms become an increasing presence in the UK market, ULaw tutor, criminal advocate and attorney-at-law (California), Matthew Nash highlights some of the advantages of the law school's new US Bar Preparation Course

Sep 13 2022 10:42am

The opportunities Ireland has to offer future solicitors

Chris Jorgenson, BARBRI’s senior director of institutional partnerships, discusses the benefits of dual qualification for those seeking a training contract in Ireland’s thriving legal market

Feb 8 2022 12:05pm

How dual qualification can open the door to an international legal career

BARBRI’s Odessa Alm discusses one way candidates can gain a competitive edge in Ireland’s booming legal market

Feb 19 2021 12:06pm