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Students ‘proud’ as Kent Law School academics take on Donald Trump

But can a letter signed by 253 law scholars achieve more than a petition by nearly two million?

Feb 16 2017 1:34pm

Barristers struggle to suppress anger at Liz Truss’s silk day speech

Exclusive: Lord Chancellor’s speech was badly judged and has not gone down well with new QCs

Feb 16 2017 12:00pm

Why are Brits so unsure of their right to challenge government in the courts?

We don’t know our public law in the same way Americans seem to

Feb 14 2017 10:00am

We spoke to Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about Brexit

She chairs the House of Lords’ EU Justice committee, and she thinks we’re living through “an ugly period”

Feb 2 2017 10:11am

Trump’s Muslim ban: Lawyers descend on airports across the US to help free detainees

The legal profession fights back, as petition set up by Leeds solicitor gains one million signatures

Jan 30 2017 11:34am

Bar Council backs Liz Truss on Brexit

It’s been a good week for the Ministry of Justice ?

Jan 20 2017 1:00pm

Theresa May makes Brexit speech, the legal profession reacts

General dissatisfaction from typical pro-Remain profession, but some see glimmers of hope

Jan 18 2017 10:02am

K&L Gates is throwing a party to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration

The President-elect’s outspoken lawyer Michael Cohen is going to be honoured there

Jan 5 2017 10:07am

Mayor Sadiq Khan appoints another lawyer to top London politics post

Barrister who saved Fabric nightclub tasked with boosting capital’s night-time economy

Dec 19 2016 12:59pm

The Telegraph and the Mail misguidely go after Lord Neuberger

Have they not read his speeches?

Nov 21 2016 8:56am

City University students vote to ban tabloids on campus in show of solidarity with Brexit judges

We’re guessing the GDL, LPC, BPTC and LLB cohorts weren’t big readers, but still…

Nov 18 2016 4:15pm

Is it ‘judgment’ or ‘judgement’?

Row breaks out as two former Lord Chancellors keep the ‘e’

Nov 11 2016 12:11pm

Event: Commercial Awareness Question Time – US Election Special

Trump may not win, but the populist sentiment he embodies could have a far-reaching impact on the law and the legal profession

Oct 24 2016 12:55pm