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Junior solicitor-turned-rapper unveils new track about ‘EAT or Pret A Manger’ lunch dilemma

Neither chain represent satisfying choice, concludes lawyer as he recalls unhappy training contract at top City firm.

Jun 5 2014 9:21am

‘Let’s go out back’ judge tells lawyer — before allegedly punching him

There were shocking scenes in a Florida courtroom yesterday.

Jun 3 2014 9:03am

Mixing love and legal education: what could possibly go wrong?

Combining your personal life with legal study seems to be all the rage in the US right now.

May 22 2014 2:47pm

There is a lawyer performing in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

Junior corporate lawyer Sebastiano Paù-Lessi is representing Switzerland as his whistling fiddler alter ego "Sebalter".

May 8 2014 1:52pm

Junior solicitor releases rap album about how much he hated his training contract at top City firm

'Square Meal, Square Mile' details solicitor's unhappiness during TC at top 10 City outfit.

May 8 2014 9:06am

Adventures in procrastination: the comedy Defamation Act 2013 video

Hot on the heels of the Law Revision Crossbow comes this student lament on the fluid nature of English defamation law.

May 1 2014 9:25am

Hilarious transcript of lawyer’s argument with witness over definition of a photocopier is turned into a short film

New short film 'Verbatim' uses actors to document, word-for-word, an incredible exchange which featured in a 2010 US case.

Apr 30 2014 1:49pm

‘They call me Gerrie Nel and I am mad as hell’: Now Pistorius prosecutor gets his own rap

Following the hip hop creations spawned in tribute to Oscar Pistorius' defence lawyer, Barry Roux, a track has been recorded in honour of tough-talking Gerrie Nel, the prosecutor in the case.

Apr 17 2014 11:08am

A law-themed drinking game called ‘Hammertime’ has been created

Could "Hammertime", which was first popularised among Australian law students, go global this summer?

Apr 16 2014 1:56pm

Taxi driver films himself rebuffing lawyer’s sexual advances — litigation ensues

Video of drunken US lawyer seducing taxi driver leads to three legal disputes.

Apr 15 2014 9:14am

Four candles stolen from magistrates court — or was it fork handles?

Candle theft sees lawyer make Two Ronnies quip.

Apr 11 2014 9:59am

Blogging barrister refers himself to the Bar Standards Board after committing ‘very serious’ contempt of court

Henry Hendron's "ringside" coverage of the Nigel Evans trial lands him in hot water.

Apr 11 2014 9:01am

Lawyer couple make incredible ‘save the date’ video for their ‘boss wedding’

British solicitors and barristers should do more of this sort of thing.

Apr 9 2014 6:10pm

Robing achievement of the week

Simply by talking about law, Cornerstone Chambers barrister Ann Tayo is able to morph into a bewigged and gowned version of her casually-dressed self.

Apr 8 2014 2:19pm

Oscar Pistorius’ lawyer Barry Roux: the hip hop parodies

Televised murder trial turns South African barrister into cult figure.

Mar 21 2014 9:12am

Doughty Street’s website is the loser in Amal Alamuddin’s budding friendship with George Clooney

The top human rights chamber's website goes down again after Doughty Street rookie Amal Alamuddin is pictured once more with George Clooney.

Mar 19 2014 3:17pm

This IP lawyer’s footnoted rap video could be the best thing on the internet

US intellectual property lawyer Eric Mirabel — aka legal rapper E.P.M. — has released a new version of his paean to IP. It's amazing.

Mar 14 2014 12:41pm

Rapper-turned-lawyer who thinks ‘like a criminal’ wins global fame with viral ad

Dramatised scenes of criminals thanking US lawyer Daniel Muessig before proceeding to commit further crimes rile legal profession but impress bloggers.

Mar 10 2014 9:07am

It’s the 7 year anniversary of the best law video ever made

Since appearing on YouTube on 2 March 2007, a Donoghue v Stevenson-inspired parody of The...

Mar 3 2014 2:59pm