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Lawyer’s sloppy first-take advert becomes viral hit

This does not inspire confidence.

Feb 3 2014 9:05am

The 15 law student personality types that emerge during social interaction

University College Dublin Law Society has attempted an ambitious categorisation of the 15 types of law students to be found at its annual ball — and uploaded the results to YouTube.

Jan 31 2014 8:43am

Sharp-witted Oxford law student takes down UKIP MEP Bloom after Richard III gibe

An Oxford University law student has got the better of UKIP member Godfrey Bloom after the gaffe-prone MEP seemed to try to mock him for his disability.

Jan 28 2014 7:51am

Surrey University law graduate launches ‘not naked’ LLB study guide

University of Surrey law graduate Pia Jackson has unveiled a bizarre guide to obtaining a...

Jan 21 2014 12:07pm

Law firm’s clever divorce ad goes viral

Don’t be fooled by the opening message, this video placed on YouTube on Wednesday by...

Jan 20 2014 9:07am

A journey into the mind of a lawyer-hating troll

Ever wondered what the lawyer-hating commenters on high quality forums such as the Mail Online...

Jan 13 2014 12:59pm

This lawyer sounds just like Kermit the Frog

Can you tell the difference between the voice of Alfred Kwinter (“Canada’s premier legal expert...

Jan 9 2014 3:11pm

Video: using racism to promote your law firm

This ill-judged ad by US law firm McCutcheon & Hamner has caused anger in the...

Nov 28 2013 3:08pm

Video: a really, really bad attempt at a personal injury claim

CCTV footage has emerged of an incredibly poor attempt to win personal injury damages involving,...

Nov 27 2013 4:27pm

Bedford Row silks in battle to be the UK’s top/best/leading barrister

How do you compete when your chambers colleague bills himself as the “UK’s Top Barrister”?...

Nov 27 2013 10:20am

This is not just footage of Middle Temple. This is M&S footage of Middle Temple

Large chunks of the new Marks and Spencer’s Christmas ad, which debuted on TV last...

Nov 8 2013 12:56pm

QC dad of Made in Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor stars in weirdest law firm video ever

Fans of Made in Chelsea will be familiar with Tim Taylor QC. The solicitor-advocate at...

Nov 5 2013 2:36pm

Law students release legal parody of Lorde’s number 1 hit ‘Royals’

Since Lorde’s number one hit ‘Royals’ stormed the charts last month, it has inspired a...

Nov 4 2013 12:42pm

Law student YouTube sensations mock Snapchat addiction of fellow legal hopefuls

The law students behind the viral parody of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines have made a...

Oct 23 2013 9:03am

Legal typo of the week

From a recently-filed document in Frazier v Honeywell Pension and Savings Plan… The howler, which...

Oct 1 2013 8:51am

10 law firm ads that are so bad they’re good

By bringing in international ad agency M&C Saatchi to market its services to the public,...

Sep 27 2013 1:39pm

Corporate lawyer who released rap about securing first job returns with personal life-themed R&B follow-up

Last year Mike Lickver celebrated getting a foot on the ladder at a top Canadian...

Sep 26 2013 1:17pm

Exeter University confirms that it was one of its professors who had his law lecture remixed

As universities return for autumn, beware, lecturers, of the smartphone-wielding student with video-editing skills. And,...

Sep 16 2013 11:17am

Video: Judge punches judge in Mexican courtroom brawl

A senior Mexican judge is facing possible impeachment after he attacked fellow judges during a...

Sep 2 2013 8:23am

Video of Allen & Overy partner reading hardcore porn out loud in Deidre Dare sexual harassment case placed on YouTube

A video of former Allen & Overy partner Tony Humphrey reading hard core porn out...

Aug 30 2013 8:57am

‘F*ck you!’ — ‘that’s 300 days!’: Judge keeps upping insolent defendant’s contempt of court sentence as insults spew forth

A furious US judge increased a defendant’s contempt of court sentence seven times as she...

Aug 28 2013 2:04pm