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Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 19 December

Posters of offensive messages on Twitter or Facebook less likely to face criminal charges, under new guidelines set out by Keir Starmer QC [Huffington Post] Positive reaction so far to the new Twitter and Facebook social media prosecution guidelines from top media lawyers [Twitter] Online comment crimes: Key cases [BBC News] Mario Balotelli's legal challenge... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Grayling sets out plan for culling judicial reviews [Law Society Gazette] Jon Robins follows the furore over regulation in the legal fraternity [New Law Journal] Transcript of today's hearing in Litvinenko inquest [ via Joshua Rozenberg on Twitter] Legal warning for tweeters and bloggers [BBC] US Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayor tells how fear of... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Are magistrates and juries using Google to help them reach their verdicts? [The Telegraph] SNR Denton, Salans and FMC confirm three-way mega-merger [Legal Week] Spam text message pair are fined £440,000 [BBC News] 39 Essex Street confirms addition of 24-strong 4-5 Gray's Inn team [The Lawyer] What “freedom of the press” should mean [New Statesman]... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 26 November

"The newspapers will print nothing but Leveson Leveson Leveson this week" [Adam Wagner via Twitter] ...and how it might look [by Tom Webb] List of highest paid vac schemes [Target  Jobs] If Dominic Grieve’s a goner, fellow barrister Cox fits the brief [Mail Online] A barrister becomes the judge of her client's sanity [The Telegraph]... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Full CPS charging statement for Andy Coulson, Rebecca Brooks and Clive Goodman [CPS Blog] Pyramid libel [David Banks on Twitter] Female anti-gay Christian lawyer 'abducted teenage girl to Canada and forced her to have sex on camera' [Mail Online] Danny Nightingale: the Attorney’s right, Hammond was wrong [Head of Legal] Oxford college pays tribute to... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 19 November

Judicial review 'industry' to be cut as right to challenge public bodies’ decisions curtailed, says PM [The Independent] John Cooper QC on the problems facing the Bar in 2012 and beyond [Charon QC] Liberal Democrat barrister wins PCC election … by standing as an independent [The Guardian] What you can and can't say on social... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Friday 9 November

Star of lawyer documentary The Briefs Franklin Sinclair cheats death in ‘freak waves’ horror on paradise isle of Cape Verde [Manchester Evening News] Juror who disclosed details of deliberations to a defendant in a criminal trial jailed for contempt of court [BBC] Non-practising barrister toasts old times at St Andrews University with his wife at... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Leaving work on a Friday [#WhatShouldWeCallMe] What to do about trolls? [The Justice Gap] Twists in the tale of court interpreters [Justice of the Peace Blog] Battle of the top QCs: reaction [Twitter] Fraudster solicitor Kenneth Hunt ordered to repay £30,000 [The Journal] Tunbridge Wells solicitor's struggle with bipolar disorder [Sussex Courier] Michael Ballack fires... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 1 November

Solicitor aims to be UK Scrabble champion [BBC] Society of Black Lawyers’ Peter Herbert on why he had "more than enough evidence" to report referee Mark Clattenburg for alleged racist remarks [BBC Radio 5] "Every lawyer I've met during this work experience has basically told me not to do law..." [Paul Green on Twitter] Prisoners’... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 30 November

Legal aid cheats targeted by Ministry of Justice [BBC] Society of Black Lawyers calls on police to probe Clattenburg 'racist remarks' [ITV News] Hurricane Sandy: a list of legal world closures [Above the Law] Majority of top firms eyeing growth through merger as ABSs appear on the radar [Legal Futures] Russian justice: truth serum for... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Berlusconi sentenced to four years in jail [Sky News] but quickly reduced to one [BBC] Nightjack: the statement in open court [Jack of Kent] So I want to be a do I pay for it? [Guardian Studying Law] ‘Bent for the job’: A short history of police corruption [Justice Gap] Quotas for women: for... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

How I was fooled by fake QC [Official statement of Mervyn Barrett OBE on his withdrawal from Police & Crime Commissioner election in Lincolnshire] How I was fooled by fake QC [Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph] How the legal blogosphere wasn't [Legal Cheek] Neil Diamond-mad legal executive stole £205,000 from law firm so pals could... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Campaign team of PCC candidate Mervyn Barrett (who has rather a lot of Twitter followers) resigns [BBC] Our libel laws are gagging our scientists [The Independent] The idyllic life of a rockstar-turned solicitor [Instagram] Sir Nicolas Bratza, President of the European Court of Human Rights, complains the press made his top violinist father sound like... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

Gay couple win Berkshire B&B refusal case [BBC] Nick Griffin tweets gay B&B couple’s home address [Twitter] Cannabis factory couple who gave away their £400,000 drug-dealing fortune to poor Kenyan village are jailed for three years [Mail Online] McKinnon case is NOT a precedent – says his own lawyer [The Register] Over half of London... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 16 October

Jan Moir: Manchester Uni law graduate John Whaite is "unpredictable but with flashes of baking brilliance and he is excellent on breads" [Mail Online] Guantanamo judge orders Khalid Sheikh Mohammed lawyers not to discuss torture [The Telegraph] Judge awards £8.7 million in divorce case to meet wife’s needs [Marilyn Stowe Blog] Big Tobacco lawyers target... Read more »

End Of the Day Round Up

Dechert’s Miriam Gonzalez v 39 Essex Street’s Justine Thornton [Mail Online] Manchester Metropolitan University law student jailed for £1.5m VAT scam [Manchester Evening News] Social media laws to be discussed in wake of prosecutions [BBC] Judicious restraints [The Kernel] Unhappy consumers ‘intimidated by jargon’ [Law Society Gazette] 'Statutory' is not a bogey word [New Statesman]

End Of The Day Round-Up

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend "would have leapt out and killed" prosecuting QC [BBC] “I think it [court] would have destroyed me...I think if I was in the witness box and a QC had said something to me that was insulting, I know who I am, I would have leapt out and killed him." Lets... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

DPP to tackle troll abuse with Twitter and Facebook chiefs [Evening Standard] Law student sent to young offenders' institution for 18 months [BBC] Going behind the scenes of the cancelled Law Society conference [New Law Journal] Celebrity lawyer’s ill-fated ‘urban kitchen bar’ [Northampton Chronicle] Bakers and DLA Piper among 40 firm websites hit by computer... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 2 October

Futurologist: firms starting to embrace new ways of working as 'legal factories' loom [Legal Futures] Cadbury wins legal battle over purple packaging [The Independent] Any move to televise criminal trials would be "over my dead body", says Donald Findlay QC [BBC] Once bitten . . . Woman who chomped off boyfriend's testicles back in court... Read more »

End Of The Day Round-Up

How barrister-to-be gave a group of disruptive children one last chance of an education in a run-down boxing gym [Mail Online] Bar Council chairman Michael Todd overcomes spurious questions to score Twitter Q&A success [Twitter #tweetthechairman] Pret-a-lawyer: Off the shelf law services have arrived [London Loves Business] CPS releases personal data of 300 student protesters... Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 26 September

Top lawyer arrested for 'raping two women at knifepoint at different massage parlours' [Mail Online] Caught on tape: Lil Wayne insults lawyer, then threatens him [TMZ] Hacking: Rebecca Brooks due to appear for pre-trial hearing [Sky News] The trainee solicitor recruitment cycle [Trainee Solicitor Surgery] Judge orders arrest of Brazil Google president [BBC] How to... Read more »