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Morning Round-Up: Monday 21 January

Threat to the courts system as barristers google jurors then alter speeches to win sympathy [The Times (£)] Barristers google jurors to find out their likes, jobs and interests then tailor courtroom speeches to help win trials [Mail Online] Business leaders have grown ‘diversity weary’ [Law Society Gazette] Judge reminisces about his Cambridge days in… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 10 January

Delhi gang rape lawyer says ‘no respectable woman’ would be raped [Huffington Post UK] ‘An aid for your daily Twitter experience: Orwell’s Two Minute Hate (remarkably prescient if you watch it)’ [David Allen Green via Twitter] Woman Bar leader sees end of ‘fat cat’ image [The Times] Birmingham Law Centre faces the axe after a… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 13 December

Broadcasters pushing for cameras in court only want ‘rape, blood and gore’, claims peer [Press Gazette] Lord McAlpine’s solicitor Andrew Reid: “So much of the fun and characters have gone out of the law that I would not encourage a career in the law as a final profession” [The Times (£)] New online barrister portal… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 5 December

Free the Press, free the Judges [The Independent] Law firms: the priciest partnerships [The Economist] California ruling limits scope of law banning ‘gay conversion’ therapists [The Guardian] A verdict on our judges: too white, too male [The Times (£)] MPs on the each side of the Leveson debate [Guido Fawkes] Buying in: Thoughts on making… Read more »

Interview: How To Become a Legal Commentator

Last Thursday, for the first time in ages, I bought a copy of The Times. Its law supplement – which just a few years ago was seen as the definitive source of UK legal news – looked forlorn, populated with stories covered earlier, and in more depth, by the growing band of hybrid lawyer-journo bloggers… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 27 September

Shot burglars told by Judge Michael Pert QC ‘that’s the chance you take’ [The Sun] When a chief justice came close to failing a psychiatric evaluation [The Times (£)] Decision by Old Bailey leaves phone-hacking defendants in limbo until September 2013 [The Independent] Mortgage scam solicitor who cashed in on rising property values near the… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 13 September

Zatman & Co rebrands as BBS Zatman and reveals new structure [Manchester Evening News] Solicitor and trainee to stand trial over ‘sham wedding’ [Belfast Telegraph] What are we training young lawyers to become? [The Times] Ex-Hammonds partner linked to police alteration of Hillsborough statements [Legal Week] Criminal bar chief: unity can help resist ‘extinction’ [Law… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Monday 10 September

‘Litigation culture’ is making Britain less safe, says report [The Independent] It really DIDN’T fit: Furious lawyers dismiss claims they tampered with glove in OJ Simpson trial [Mail Online] The courage of Judge Peter Bowers [New Statesman] The verdict in the case of softie Judge Peter Bowers is unanimous [The Sun] Son of High Court… Read more »

DLA Piper’s ‘Journalist Awards’: One Suspension Of Disbelief Too Far?

Interesting, but hardly surprising, to note that the winners of last month’s DLA Piper ‘Journalist Awards’ have all contributed favourable pieces of editorial about the firm to their respective publications. DLA’s ‘Business Journalist of the Year’, Ian King of The Times, co-authored ‘How did business weather the economic winter? (£)’, featuring some nice quotes delivered… Read more »

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 23 August

Law firm agrees sponsorship deal with Leeds United – George Galloway ‘would have made a brilliant QC’ – The Telegraph Sheridans trainee Judge Jules: my 25 years as a globe-trotting DJ – Daily Star Highest-paid lawyer in the Commons defends £400,000 pay – Western Morning News Lawyer of the week: David Allen Green –… Read more »

City Law Website RollOnFriday Is Edited By An Ashurst Partner

Correction 11.45am 30/5/12: In its original form, this post stated that RollOnFriday had “maintained that [Ashurst partner Piers] Warburton had no editorial involvement in the Friday story round-up” until it “came clean” and admitted otherwise last week. This was incorrect: RollOnFriday has never sought to publicly hide Warburton’s editorial role, nor has it sought to… Read more »

DLA Piper Lawyer Had Affair With Russian Spy Anna Chapman

“What first attracted you to short, balding millionaire Paul Daniels?” Mrs Merton once memorably asked the dancer Debbie McGee. Similar questions are being put to Anna Chapman (pictured left), the glamorous 30-year old Russian arrested for espionage in 2010, after it emerged that she was romantically involved with the rather less glamorous John Altorelli (pictured… Read more »

Top QC Blasts The Times’ Cycling Campaign

Cycling-mad barrister Martin Porter QC has rounded on a safe cycling campaign launched by The Times in response to a serious injury suffered by one of its reporters. Porter (pictured), who was recently in the news for helping to get a motorist convicted for abusing him while on his bike, has “concerns about the way… Read more »

Escape Routes From The Law: Doing a Hollywood

For the legions of training contract hunters out there, being a lawyer is a dream. But it’s not a job that makes everyone happy. The British Hollywood actor Gerard Butler (pictured), who started out as a trainee solicitor with Edinburgh corporate law firm Morton Fraser, didn’t enjoy his time in the legal profession. “If I’d… Read more »

I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning with ‘L’

Not many lawyer job adverts feature sentences like this: “Discretion is vital. You should not discuss your application, other than with your partner or a close family member, who should not tell anyone else.” But, then, the secret services don’t often recruit lawyers. The money isn’t great: £25,000 – £29,999 for a solicitor or barrister… Read more »

Minimum Trainee Solicitor Salary May Be Scrapped – Will Minimum Pupillage Award Be Next?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has said there’s no regulatory justification for retaining the 30-year-old policy of minimum salaries for trainee solicitors. For legal geeks, the detail is explained nicely on LegalFutures. To summarise the practicalities: the scrapping of the minimum pay rule – currently £18,590 in central London and £16,650 elsewhere – would leave… Read more »


Follow @AlexAldridgeUK Continuing snobbery towards legal blogging betrays journalists’ fear that evolving medium could do them out of a job, says Alex Aldridge Not so long ago, the Times’ weekly law section was the place to read about law. Published on Tuesday, rather than Thursday as it has been for the last few years, it… Read more »


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek is watching you… Social mobility champion of the week @TheInnerTemple, with its “strong tradition of political engagement, social responsibility and meritocracy” “The Princess Royal, Inner Temple’s Royal Treasurer, will attend the Grand Day Dinner tomorrow.” Borderline insane #FollowFriday behaviour of the week @TheNakedLawyer 70 separate #FF tweets (equating to well over… Read more »


Follow @JoshuaRozenberg Joshua Rozenberg, Britain’s best-known legal commentator, takes 5 minutes out to share his views on OccupyLondon, media-friendly judges and who he most enjoys following on Twitter If you were 21 again, and had just graduated into this harsh job market, what would your strategy be? To take a year off; work abroad; and… Read more »