No more lie-ins? Durham Law School set to introduce 8am lectures this Autumn

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Early morning arrangement ‘for one year only’, says elite Russell Grouper

Durham University Law School is introducing 8am lectures for the first time this Autumn.

The elite Russell Grouper’s undergraduate intake for law this year is understood to be so large that it has been divided into two to be taught separately, with one cohort starting their day outside normal teaching hours. The timetable shake-up, according to reports, will also affect a small number of second year LLB-ers and students enrolled on courses at Durham’s Business School.

In an email seen by student news website Palatinate, Durham Law School’s director of undergraduate studies explained how “there is nothing we as a department can do about this” and that it “is beyond our control”. The early starts are a result of “the increased number of students and the pressure this puts on timetabling and rooms”, he added.

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A spokesperson for Durham University told Legal Cheek: “The proposed 8am lectures form part of the university’s provisional teaching timetable for the academic year 2018/19. This is not final: it is only in place while students choose their modules. The final timetable will be published in September, after A-level confirmation, and once all returning students have registered for their modules.” They continued:

“If agreed, this arrangement will be for one year only, until our new teaching and learning Centre opens, which will increase our teaching capacity by almost a third. Out of nearly 2,000 lectures scheduled each week, it is proposed that only four start at 8am. Of the four affected modules, each has only one lecture scheduled at 8am — the remainder of teaching activities take place within the university’s core teaching hours.”

Durham’s decision to split its law intake comes just months after Legal Cheek revealed that seven universities took on more than 500 new law students last year. They are: Liverpool (590), Nottingham Trent (555), Essex (550), Leicester (515), The University of Law (510), Northumbria (505) and Leeds Beckett (500). Durham, by comparison, took on just 295.

According to Open University research, early start times for teenagers and young 20-somethings are linked to “chronic, irrecoverable sleep loss”, averaging more than two hours a day. To combat this, the report suggests lectures should start no earlier than 11am for students to be able to perform at their best.

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I don’t see an 8am start as a bad thing. Universities do not really prepare you for what it is like once you graduate so I think this is a step in the right direction. Undergrads are lazy as S***.



I really do have to agree with this entirely. When I was at university I was staggered at the amount of fellow students who couldn’t make it into a 10am lecture and slept all through the afternoon. I also couldn’t believe the constant moaning at the sheer audacity that we were expected to submit essays and study for tests. I question peoples motives in going to university massively.



you obviously didn’t want to have fun whilst at uni either. GET A GRIP



You obviously didn’t graduate then.



No one ever gets in for 8 in a law firm unless you have a very good reason to have to do so. Most start around 9 or 9.30.

This coupled with the fact that young people’s brains are proven not to function very well early in the morning does make this all a bit silly. Though it sounds like it’s literally 4 lectures across the entire uni so who cares. No one will go anyway.


Dig Bick Trainee

Agreed, I usually waltz into my office between 9.30-10am, no one bats an eyelid.



Shouldn’t “lie-ins” be “lies-in”?


Colonel Sanders

I would 8 to be a Durham Law Student after finding out this news






“I do not see anything we can do about this”

How about stop letting so many people onto the courses so you can cash those fat checks!!!!!!

GL in getting students to 8am lectures lol



Turning into French style approach to higher education…
= not good



I usually have my wax appointments then :z



That’s what you get for being an Oxbridge reject luuuuul


Official ranking

1. LSE – cosmopolitan, real world, prestige
2. Oxbridge – fake AF but prestige
3. Notts, ucl, Manchester, Exeter
4. Ex-pollies, Brookes
5. Getting rimmed by a hobo behind a garbage truck you bribed with a half eaten fish sandwich
6. Durham – as fake as Oxbridge but no prestige


London unis overrated

LSE is fake af with its international students and shitty environment.


Dr. Hobosexual

I diagnose you with being a prissy little man child!
Your treatment plan is to rim my pet goat every week behind the trash where I dumpster dive!



Mummy, is this my punishment for not getting into Cambridge?




An 8am start won’t help these intellectually second rate people compete in the legal market.



Define intellectual, you elitist idiot.


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