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Aspiring lawyer opens up on life as an ‘estranged’ law student

Durham undergrad Niall Hignett reflects on the challenges of navigating uni without parental support

Jul 4 2024 9:11am

LSE law grad ‘exposes’ uni stereotypes in hilarious TikToks 

Mary-Grace Olu has attracted over 90k followers with her tongue-in-cheek clips

Sep 15 2023 9:09am

Durham Uni law student tackles lockdown loneliness with charity chatline

'Chit-chat' by Lewis Alexander Baxter aims to 'connect the nation through conversation'

Jun 9 2020 10:32am

Legal Cheek Podcast: Meet the Durham Uni law student tackling mental health

We sit down with social entrepreneur Lewis Baxter ?

Apr 24 2020 10:17am

Don’t launch solicitor super-exam during a global pandemic

Durham Uni Law School chief urges regulator to postpone SQE

Apr 7 2020 10:43am

UCL beats Oxford and Durham ties with Strathclyde in new law school rankings

Scottish unis Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee secure top ten spots

Sep 30 2019 8:52am

Durham law professor says Commons Speaker was ‘legally correct’ to ban another Brexit vote

Ruling leaves PM 'rudderless', according to Thom Brooks

Mar 20 2019 11:10am

No more lie-ins? Durham Law School set to introduce 8am lectures this Autumn

Early morning arrangement 'for one year only', says elite Russell Grouper

Jun 27 2018 8:59am

Durham University law student to be deported after scholarship falls through

Would-be solicitor’s student visa set to be revoked

Jun 5 2018 12:46pm

Durham Law School teams up with BARBRI to offer New York and California bar course

Exclusive: New students to start in September

May 15 2018 10:22am

We asked the head of Durham Law School if Doxbridge is a thing

He kind of thinks it is -- but not everyone agrees

Nov 10 2017 9:14am

‘I moved to the UK and was appalled by its immigration system, now I’m fighting for reform’

All students should study immigration law, argues Durham prof

Aug 22 2017 9:10am

Is ‘Doxbridge’ a thing?

Supreme Court now has more Durham grads than any other non-Oxbridge uni

Jul 31 2017 9:15am

Oxford law grads pocket £20,000 a year more than Durham and Warwick peers

Earning power: Oxbridge dominant over Russell Group rivals, new stats show

Jun 14 2017 12:39pm

Head of Durham Law School says Brexit will never happen

Daily Mail readers furious

Aug 30 2016 11:28am

Prisoners achieve better grades than Durham students on pioneering law course

Students at university favoured by top City law firms outperformed by incarcerated course mates

Jan 25 2016 11:58am