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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The meaning of justice [The Secret Barrister]

The Tommy Robinson judgment — what does it all mean? [The Secret Barrister]

Why Tommy Robinson has been released on bail [The Spectator Blogs] (registration required)

Read the Court of Appeal’s Tommy Robinson judgment in full [Courts and Tribunals Judiciary]

David Allen Green: ‘No-deal’ Brexit and the sovereignty myth [Financial Times] (registration required)

Easy peasy trade mark squeezy [The IPKat]

Is the Supreme Court’s landmark life-support ruling a step closer to allowing assisted dying? [Legal Cheek Journal]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Barristers hate not working [Wellbeing at the Bar Blog]

Disputes Eye — An English court in Paris: another warning shot [Legal Business]

Without access to loans, homeless student lived in a car while finishing law school [Above The Law]

The Hearing – A Legal Podcast [iTunes]

“They [Clifford Chance] can increase TC numbers to 200+ if they so choose, but as long as the NQ pay remains this low, they will keep on steadily losing their best and brightest associates to US firms, no matter what…” [Legal Cheek comments]

Job jobs jobs [Legal Cheek Noticeboard]

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