Law grad who hopes to become ‘first Romani female barrister in England’ launches crowdfunding appeal to help cover BPTC fees

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Brigitta Balogh is looking to raise £1,800 to cover registration costs

Brigitta Balogh
Brigitta Balogh

A University of South Wales law grad who aspires to become what she believes is the first Romani woman to qualify as a barrister in England and Wales is hoping the generosity of others will help her achieve her career plan.

Unable to afford the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) registration fee, Brigitta Balogh has launched a crowdfunding appeal in the hope of raising the £1,800 required to secure her place at City, University of London. According to Balogh’s GoFundMe page, she has already been “granted government funding” but is still “short with the registration fee”.

There is, however, much more to Balogh’s story than just BPTC fees. Hungarian-born Balogh told Legal Cheek:

“I aim to become the first Romani woman to be qualified as a barrister in England and Wales and I am planning to practise as a barrister in England and Wales. I have been advocating for the community for a long time and there is a great need in the current situation for me to qualify as a barrister to advance the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. I am determined to live up to my potential but right now I do not wish my financial circumstances to dictate whether I can continue my studies.”

Balogh’s online appeal appears to be her final throw of the dice. She has already reached out to family and friends, who have helped as much as they could, and contacted a number of organisations including her Inns of Court, who were unable to assist.

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The response to her appeal so far has been positive. Having launched just three days ago, Balogh is £380 short of her £1,800 target.

Crowdfunding appeals are becoming an increasingly popular way for aspiring lawyers to help cover the hefty costs associated with studying law.

Earlier this summer, Legal Cheek brought you the news that aspiring lawyer Ebun Azeez has raised £30,000 to secure her place on Oxford’s elite Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) course at Pembroke College. This came just weeks after second-year law student Raphael Chinwuko raised the £27,000 he needed to complete his studies at Durham University. Last year, Oxford law grad Katy Sheridan successfully raised £4,500 to fund her BCL studies after opening up about her struggles with endometriosis.

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Absolutely outrageous, the cheek of the woman. What makes her more deserving than anyone else who struggles to pay the considerable fees? Perhaps she should consider WORKING for a year, just as hundreds of other people do before enrolling on the BPTC.



How is it outrageous? If people are willing to volunteer their money to help out, what’s the problem? She’s not forcing anyone to give money is she.



What’s the issue? People cobble together money by different means to do the BPTC – whether it be through savings, salaries, scholarships, loans etc. No one is forced to donate to her crowdfunding initiative.

Besides, “absolutely outrageous” thing about this is the cost of the bloody course…



You are too harsh, at least she is trying.

If you care – donate.
If you dont care – don’t .

Its quite simple, don’t know why should feel disgusted. Its not like its making it harder for others.



Which specialism?



At the end of the day, if people are happy to hand over their money to such a “cause”, then fair play to people who crowdfund.

However, there is a fact of life that I hope these aspiring barristers begin to appreciate before practice – the world does not owe you a living.



All very true and easily applied if everyone was born into the same families with the same upbringing, same financial backgrounds and people who are able to help out where needed. The world definitely doesn’t owe you a living, but I guarantee there are many barristers currently practising who have had significant financial help to get them where they are today; they were just lucky enough to be in a situation where their help could be offered under the radar and they didn’t seek the help of strangers because they didn’t have to. Unfortunately not everyone has that same privilege.



Or you could do what I did and drive a mini cab to fund your studies!!!!!!!!!!



Uber nowadays, granddad.



Legal aid barristers (I assume that’s what she’s going for with that lib spill) literally don’t make enough to pay their own rent at the start.
So, is she planning to crowdfund her living expenses for the first decade of practice as well?


Hopefully skeptical

Just curious – as I’m sure others might be – how does she back up her claims that she would be the UK’s first Romani barrister? Not that I’m in a position to say anything either way, just seems that it would be difficult to prove/disprove such a claim.







Tuition fees will be abolished through a land tax on all freehold property!

Fat cat city lawyers will pay for students to study whatever they want!



You, sir/madam, are an utter muppet if you believe that is a good idea (or would ever happen if Labour was elected).



She…could get a bank loan



She wouldn’t even be the first female Romani barrister. At the very least she was beaten by a friend of mine who started pupillage this year, and that’s assuming there weren’t even more before that.



Try getting a job like the rest of the world?


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