A conversation with barrister Jamie Susskind about his new book Future Politics

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What does the transformational power of technology mean for law students and lawyers?

Littleton Chambers barrister Jamie Susskind and Legal Cheek publisher Alex Aldridge

Not many junior lawyers manage to combine the demands of early-phase legal practice with writing a book, but this is exactly what Littleton Chambers barrister Jamie Susskind has managed to do.

‘Future Politics’ is Susskind’s analysis of how society must adapt to the rapid developments in digital technology that he believes are only just beginning.

Having got the top first in his year at Oxford University, where he studied history and politics, Susskind converted to law and completed his pupillage at Littleton Chambers in 2015. During a year as a research fellow at Harvard’s Kerman Klein Center for Internet and Society, he bashed out the majority of his debut book, which is a must-read for any law student interested in technology.

I caught up with Susskind over a bottle of wine on Friday evening. Watch our chat below.

Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech, by Jamie Susskind, is available on Amazon.

You can also listen to the interview on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

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‘He bashed out the majority of his debut book’

Such a wordsmith, Alex.



Imagine ‘reading’ history at Durham ‘university’ and writing gibberish like that and thinking writing for a living is your place in life



Criticise the piece, but personal attacks are low (especially towards someone you don’t even know personally).



Susskind is the absolute chopper who thinks robots will replace all lawyers by next summer, right?

He’s an ego-fuelled loudmouth with delusions of self-importance and a disturbing obsession with robots bordering on sexual deviance.






Stop it! Robots have feelings you know.



Yes, all 3 of them are.
Jamie almost became the black sheep of that family by entering a useful profession, but nope, he’d rather write AI fan fiction



Another ruthless Susskind plug, Legal Cheek please stop it!

You are just embarrassing yourselves.



I didn’t write a book and am jealous so I’m going to make nasty comments about someone who did to make me feel better about myself.

Repeat ad nauseum.



Hi there Jamie – suggest that in case of aversion to heat, one might consider exiting the kitchen.



I’m sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank, unlike the jealous people on here.



Jamie, if you have to tell people you’re laughing all the way to the bank (on here of all places), you probably aren’t and everyone will realise that.



It wasn’t Jamie making those comments.

Just saying how jealousy can make people nasty.


I watched this, it was a good interview. A lot of jealous people out there.



Jamie, you are posting too quickly, please slow down.



Not Jamie here, just hilarious how much primary school “I didn’t get a certificate so I’m going to be nasty to someone who did” is present here.

Speaks volumes about the stunted maturity of many of today’s students.



I can’t speak for the other Susskinds, but Jamie’s a top guy. Good luck to him.

Bit less of the ‘Trump-style’ self promotion needed though.



Top class example of how to write a comment that manages to piss off both sides of the debate.


No, just people queuing up to debunk this awful robot crap.

Seriously. Father Susskind makes a career out of writing sci-fi dressed up as fact, about robots.

Father Susskind gets one of his children in on the act with him.

Other Susskind son now realises ‘screw this barrister lark, I can make a million writing robot sci-fi’.

That’s literally all there is to it. The Susskind family have been dining out on variations of the same bullsh1t theme for decades, and will continue to do so while people like Alex lap it all up.



Here here. Lots more would respect Jamie had he written a book about something else and not followed his father’s path. I think the self promotion on some level comes from insecurity.

On closer inspection, he seems to be nothing particularly special. There are lots of barristers out there with very good academics.



Loads of junior lawyers manage to combine the demands of early-phase legal practice with writing books.



He is just keeping up the family tradition – by the time his great grandchildren are churning out similar themed books on AI replacing humans in law, your local crown court may finally be able to get a live TV link to work.



Dear god , I have been following the mostly nonsense peddled by his father for 7 years or so, and it has reached the stage he has now become a embarrassment. In a effort to sell more books, speeches,etc he has roped his two sons in on the act so as to give his theories credence and respectability. Susskind senior has for 30 years been advocating among other things the near demise of that time the number of solicitors and barrister actually practising has trebled…..
the stage has long since been reached that law firms, and clients have stopped listening to him, as all his predictions have proved to be failing on all levels . So what does he do he bunkers down, re-doubles his efforts and comes out with even more outlandish stuff just to get air time .
He has now turned his gaze to the medical profession citing doom and gloom and medics being replaced by robots or us self diagnosing and prescribing. A few years back he gave a lecture to the royal college of surgeons. At the end he asked the floor any questions. They just all walked out ! I don’t believe his sons believe his extremist views but he needs a spokesman and no one else will do it for him .



Conversation at the Susskind family dinner table must be unbearable. Although I’m sure they’ll have a kitchen full of robots to cook everything by now, per their predictions, so at least they can spend that low quality time together.



They probably sit and shout at the microwave.



Hey a self learning microwave should be able to react to verbal encouragement and change its behaviour accordingly


The brave little toaster




Stop taking our jobs, toaster.



Jamie Wusskind


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