Macfarlanes follows Allen & Overy in publishing 2018 gender pay gap data

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City outfit reveals a partner inclusive result of 75%

Macfarlanes has become the second City law firm to release its partner gender pay gap data for 2018.

Combining total annual pay for all partners and employees together, the single-office outfit reported a mean pay gap of 75%. Its median is 49%. The firm’s report says its “female-heavy” secretarial pool, alongside the “significantly higher” levels of remuneration received by its predominantly male partnership (85 partners — 12 female and 73 male), had a significant effect on the figures.

Among its associate ranks, it posted a mean of 4.1% and a median of 3.8%, while its business services pay gap, excluding secretaries, sits at 7.2% (mean) and -0.5% (median), respectively. The negative median pay gap shows that on average women within the business services group are paid slightly more than men, according to the report.

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On today’s findings, the report states:

“We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace based on a culture of openness and mutual respect, where everyone is able to reach their full career potential. We are also serious about reducing our gender pay gap where possible.”

News of Macfarlanes’ figures come just weeks after Allen & Overy published its 2018 results. The magic circle player posted a partner inclusive mean of 61.2% and median of 39%. Removing partners, this dropped to 20% (mean) and 32.8% (median), respectively.

Earlier this summer, Legal Cheek reported on how the firm had come under fire after declining a request from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (BEIS) to recalculate its 2017 gender pay gap including partners.

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Gender thigh gap probably interests law firm partners rather more


White middle class man

What is the point of the broad brush approach? Does it tell us anything that partners earn more than secretaries?



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White middle class man

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If law firms are to bridge the gap, they will have to make special allowance for women with childcare responsibilities who can’t make up their hours to the target.

Don’t see how this is fair on the blokes with two hour commutes and long, long days.



Who cares about targets?



Who cares about blokes with two hour commutes and long, long days?


Tough guy

Exactly. it was their choice. Perhaps they could move closer to the firm or just suck it up. Besides which, UK trains are great fun. Beats spending time with the family, so it’s win win.



75%. That’s a big gap!



I’m not so surprised that it’s men who are earning money. I wonder if thy have done research on who is actually spending it?



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Private Eye

Random passer-by

I worked somewhere that women earned on average a fair bit more than men. There were a lot fewer women, and they all tended to be in exec roles or secretaries rather than the men who were found in all parts of the business. Of course this was explained away as being great news for our business. This gender pay gap issue is a farce unless we really break down the stats and look at other variables in conjunction with gender. It can’t be a good thing if two of the highest earners in a small business are women and they drag the female average up massively but basic stupid collection of stats for headlines is the preference these days.



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