Revealed: The law firms with the best perks 2018–19

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From swimming pools to sleeping pods — and everything in between

We asked the question ‘How good are your firm’s perks?’ to over 2,000 trainees and junior associates at the country’s leading corporate law firms, as part of this year’s Legal Cheek Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey. Respondents then rated their places of work on a perk-o-meter ranging from one to ten — with one defined as ‘Ryanair’, and ten as ‘Mayfair’.

Ten firms secured our highest A* ranking. Here is the shortlist, listed alphabetically, for the best corporate law firm perks 2018–19…

Allen & Overy

The roof terraces (there are three) at Allen & Overy’s London office win rave reviews. And with a heavily subsidised bar that serves delectable spritz — it’s happy trainees all round.

When they’re not clinking glasses over closing drinks, these trainees have a complete range of magic circle essentials to sample. 24-hour gym, tickets to Wembley gigs, free tennis lessons and taxi rides after 9pm are just some of the perks on offer. Fancy brushing up on your violin skills? Well, there are “music practice rooms”, as one insider tells us. Fancy.

“Private medical care is fantastic,” adds a rookie. Indeed, the firm has its very own doctor (to deliver its legendary annual flu jabs), dentist and physiotherapist on-site to keep its trainees in tip-top shape. “It really is very convenient, particularly when working long hours,” says another.

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Clifford Chance

“There’s an endless supply of freebies,” says one Clifford Chance trainee, “you just need to know how to access them.”

Swanky gym featuring “squash courts” and “a dance studio for zumba lovers”, private healthcare, on-site dry-cleaning facilities, hairdressers and even hot dinners delivered to your desk after 7:30pm to keep late-nighters’ spirits high. Over the summer apparently every World Cup match was screened in the firm’s canteen. Footie fanatics rejoice.

The firm’s box at the 02 Academy is another highlight. Trainees can apply for tickets. To make the evening gratis they recommend taking a partner with you to cover drinks costs, because at CC “trainees never pay”.

Not to forget the firm’s signature perk — the firm’s very own swimming pool, which according to one rookie is “usually empty”.

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Where do you start with the lavish menu of perks offered by magic circler Freshfields?

As an aperitif there’s the cultural stuff, like two-for-one National Theatre tickets, and use of the firm’s corporate membership to the National Portrait Gallery. Next up are the ski trips and other sports tours abroad, such as a recent all expenses paid netball tour to La Manga, Spain.

The main attraction has to be the amazing health perks, the centre point of which is the “great” on-site gym. In addition to this, Freshfields employs its own doctor, dentist, masseuse, and physiotherapist, who rookie lawyers can pop down to see between deals. To round off there are the £15 meal vouchers after 7pm and free taxis home after 9pm.

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Hogan Lovells

Trainees love one of the best in-house gyms in the City. OK, so it’s in the basement but the “fantastic” Hogan Lovells fitness centre puts many private health clubs to shame.

When they’re not burning off the calories, the firm’s rookies are consuming them in the “decent” canteen, enjoying discounts at local lunch restaurants, and munching “excellent” cookies in the firm’s meeting rooms. Look out, too, for “champagne trolleys when the team wins a deal or new client”.

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Kirkland & Ellis

Kirkland & Ellis’ perks sound like something out of The Great Gatsby. Corporate hospitality seats at the Yankees, Stewards enclosure at Henley, ‘Attorney retreats’ at swanky five star hotels with lucky trainees tagging along. Kirkland’s London office, located on the 19th-25th floors of Sir Norman Foster’s iconic Gherkin building in the City, is also rather glamorous.

Other freebies include free breakfast, a £25 dinner allowance after 7pm, paid taxis past 9pm. There is even a concierge service. Given the demanding hours, trainees may find they’re making use of these extras rather regularly.

And then, of course, there’s the money. That $190,000 dollar-tied NQ pay could soar even higher after a Sterling plunge no-deal Brexit…

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From onsite a gym “that’s better than most Virgins”, to 24/7 food from the excellent canteen, and sleeping pods for those working on big deals, Linklaters is a mini-world in its own right. There’s also a doctor, physio, shop and dry-cleaning service within the megafirm’s Silk Street headquarters, where ice cream is on supply “most days in the summer”.

It’s one of the friendlier places in the City too, with “amazing staff in the print room, IT and the post room who go above and beyond and make trainees lives so much easier”.

For those stepping outside Links’ warm magic circle bosom, fear not, fun abounds. The outside world holds such joys such as “a day trip to Paris as a deal-closing celebration” and “free entry to all top London art exhibitions and private views”.

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US firm Milbank has a neat list of perks to write home about. “I could mention the medical or dental care packages, but the free Costco membership clearly wins the day!” quips one trainee.

Plenty of stateside trips for the firm’s London lot are another attraction. There’s “orientation week” for associates in the Big Apple and the prestigious ‘Milbank@Harvard’ programme, which sees juniors trained by Harvard boffins for a week each year — nice jollies to look forward to. The jet set lifestyle continues: one rookie raves about “European retreats” and this year’s apparently took place in the sunny South of France.

“Does the salary count?” asked one trainee. Indeed it does. “$$$$$$$$$$$$$” adds a colleague.

Read Milbank’s Legal Cheek profile in full, featuring its 2019 scorecard grades and firm review.

Ropes & Gray

When you’re aged 25 earning £115,000 working in a manageably-sized London office of a US firm where the average leave time is a not too bad 8:10pm, and you don’t have to pay for your Deliveroo if you stay past 8pm, what more do you want? No wonder Ropes & Gray rookies are happy with their lot.

Another Ropes & Gray attraction are the numerous charity projects that it is involved in. Recently the firm’s London office has taken part in running and cycling challenges and had lawyers sleep rough for homeless charities and other good causes.

Read Ropes & Gray’s Legal Cheek profile in full, featuring its 2019 scorecard grades and firm review.


Skadden is a firm which makes the A* grade, we sense, less because of the quality of its biscuits and away days and more, perhaps, due to cold hard cash. The firm’s NQs earn a whopping £118,000, which buys a lot of sushi/theatre tickets/champagne brunches. What’s more, all associates get their own office decked out in wood furniture at the firm’s London base in Canary Wharf.

On top of this, Skadden subsidises its rookies’ gym membership and provides them with a reasonably plentiful supply of “good social events”.

Business trips to the mothership in New York are also a regular feature of trainee and junior lawyer life.

Read Skadden’s Legal Cheek profile in full, featuring its 2019 scorecard grades and firm review.

White & Case

Healthcare hasn’t gone amiss at international giant White & Case. Treats include subsidised yoga, weekly therapist sessions and an annual health and wellness allowance called ‘Wellness Works for Me’. “£500 a year to spend on gym/exercise classes/massages(!)” gushes one trainee.

Generosity spreads further. After completing their training, which includes a guaranteed international secondment, rookies can take “three-month qualification leave”.

The money is not bad either. London newly qualified solicitor salaries hit a generous £105,000 this year.

Read White & Case’s Legal Cheek profile in full, featuring its 2019 scorecard grades and firm review.

Peruse all of the firm’s new 2018-19 survey scorecards — including training, quality of work, perks and much more — via the Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2018-19.



is dentons a good shop?



yup. all kinds of bargains to be found, great vegetable aisle and a delightful cheese counter.



I’ve heard at IM you get an hour of central heating per week during the winter months. Never forget.



Back for a brief stint at your £1200 + bills rented flat before returning to the billing slaveship.



Good luck mate. £1200 and bills will get you maybe a garden shed in Tooting Bec.



It’s. Not. A. Garden. Shed.

It’s a Swedish inspired bijou studio constructed from treated wood and comes with a pitched roof. The shared cooking and washing facilities inside the nearby house provide a sense of community.



Very good



“Look guys, I really appreciate the £100k+ salary, but what I really need is that Costco membership so that I can go and buy myself a six litre bottle of fabric softener so that I can save a few quid…”



Sad that LC doesn’t make more of an effort to get data from firms other than the 10ish that are always covered. Top tier US like Latham, Gibson Dunn, Davis Polk, SullCrom, Cleary almost completely absent from any article…



Fried Frank, Proskauer, Pillsbury, Bracewell, Baker Botts…LC clearly covers NQ roles and benefits and so it’s not appropriate to be ignoring these firms and those above.



Yes – there must be anywhere in the region of 100-500 lateral moves at the junior end in the City to these firms (and the firms above – Latham, Davis Polk etc.). It’s misrepresentative to ignore them.



Covering tens of US firms would probably not be feasible/find an audience, but the Vault top 20 that have London TCs should be a must imo. Firms like GDC, Davis Polk, Sidley, Covington or Debevoise are world beaters but never mentioned.



Not Dechert?



Vinsons, Akin, King & Spalding



‘use of the firm’s corporate membership to the National Portrait Gallery.’

The national portrait to which entry is free?



Not the special exhibitions you uncultured swine.



Yeah, “special” exhibitions



“special” exhibitions are the trainees the associates bitch about when drunk on the slopes. solid.



I find it laughable that “sleeping pods” are listed as a perk.
“We’d rather you just slept in the office than pay you enough to live within 2 hours of the office- pods”



> law firms
> perks
Pick one.


Mr anon

Yeah, but at Slater and Gordon we get free tea bags, milk and sugar, beat that!



Since when could “sleeping pods” be considered a perk?? Sounds like worker exploitation to me.


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