Solicitor General calls for free vote on Brexit as MPs count down to no confidence vote

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D-Day for May?

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Robert Buckland MP, the current Solicitor General, has stated he believes a free vote on any possible Brexit deal “should be a way through this” current confusion.

In an interview with the BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight programme, Buckland argued that “this referendum was not fought on party lines, it was fought on Remain or Leave. It’s nothing to do with political parties.” He continued:

“This should be reflected in the form of a free vote that should be conducted by all the parties.”

Buckland, who as Solicitor General advises the government on its legal position, working under the Attorney General, was one of only 202 MPs (and one of the 196 Tory MPs) who voted for Theresa May’s Brexit deal yesterday and is known for being a loyal supporter of the government.

According to media reports, Buckland had also mentioned whether MPs might unite behind “a customs arrangement” though he did not give much more detail, and appeared to avoid the term “customs union”. This is deliberate because a customs union is something that May has always positioned as a “red line” option that she would never consider.

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Buckland’s comments come as MPs must grapple with the extraordinary position they now find themselves in, first to consider the no-confidence vote in May for this evening, second to work out what on earth happens next.

They could do worse than consult the chair of the Bar Council’s Brexit Working Group, Hugh Mercer QC, who today posted his refreshingly optimistic summary of where things stand. The Essex Court Chambers‘ barrister said:

“[T]he door is now more open to a range of other options beyond the Prime Minister’s ‘deal or no deal’. Those options include substituting the Political Declaration for a Canada plus style arrangement, a Norway plus deal with the UK becoming an EFTA member or, conceivably, in light of the CJEU Wightman ruling, unilateral revocation of the Article 50 notice itself. Those options have different implementation risks with knock on effects for certainty as any new proposals will need to pass a majority in Parliament and some will also need negotiation and ratification with the EU27 and/or the EEA members.”

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It’s all f*ck*d.


sue r pipe

But what about the news that Lord Harley of Counsel, newly acquitted and having had all Honours restored to him, has now been appointed by the government, in his capacity as a Privy Councillor and Lord Chief Justice of the Privy Arbital Court, as a stipendiary advisor to resolve the Brexit crisis by innovative means.

His academic record and qualifications as unrivalled, and there is clearly no better man for the job.

Why is that not being reported???



What we need is Tony Blair.



Said no-one



Utter shambles



Guys – let’s get a good “no deal” Brexit done and then use our rediscovered democracy to kick out these imbeciles from Parliament.

Our nation has been asleep for too long. Too many parasites and jobsworths in positions of power. Our only reassurance is that their incompetence will prevent their lack of basic integrity from having the adverse effects it otherwise might have.

Brexit is the best thing that could ever have happened to us and proves that we are indeed inhabitants of a blessed isle.



You lot are literally insane and the reason why I hope we never have another referendum



Hit or miss
I guess they never miss



Pig f*cker Cameron is to blame.



When did he shag your mum?



Eve Cornwell for Prime Minister



I don’t think she would command the necessary respect for the role having got her tits out that time in Vodka Revs.


I'll have a Brexit please Carol

I seriously can’t wait for a no-deal Brexit. GIRFUY!



I love the smell of Brexit in the morning!




Or … and he’s a crazy idea … the MPs could honour that vote they said they’d honour and those manifestos that they stood on in order to become MPs …

People keeping their promises is not obviously something that the Solicitor General should oppose.







Feudal minister

Who’s looking forward to Theresa May committing Hara kiri to restore her honour?



A “no deal” Brexit – just what the doctor ordered – let’s stop pussyfooting around, let’s get it done, and then let’s radically reform Parliament, the judiciary, the police, schools, and universities, and START MAKING BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN! It’s a God-given opportunity to do root and branch reform of all our dysfunctional institutions and the creepy characters who have come to inhabit them.


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