Applications to find next Lady Hale now open

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Supreme Court looks to fill top judicial spots created by trio of 2020 retirements

The Supreme Court has fired the starting pistol on its latest recruitment drive.

The UK’s top court confirmed applications to fill vacancies for the presidency of the Supreme Court and two, possibly three, spots on the bench, are now officially open. The vacancies will be created by the retirements of Lady Hale in January 2020, Lord Carnwath in March 2020 and Lord Wilson in May 2020.

In a statement today, the court said applications are sought from the widest range of candidates eligible to apply, including those not currently full-time judges, and “particularly those who will increase the diversity of the court”. The 12-strong all-white bench is currently made up of nine men and three women.

According to the job description, successful candidates will have held high judicial office for a period of at least two years and demonstrate “exceptional intellectual and legal ability”, along with “sound judgment and decisiveness”. In addition to this, they must have qualified as a barrister or solicitor at least 15 years ago and gained experience in law since.

In a short video (embedded below) flagging the upcoming vacancies, Hale said that applicants also need to demonstrate an understanding of the constitutional role of the Supreme Court and its relationship with the other branches of government.

Those who are considering to apply should note that, in the event of a current justice replacing Hale as president (which is very likely), the court will be seeking to take on a third judge from this latest recruitment drive, to take up office in January 2020. Candidates are welcome to apply for both the post of the president and as a justice, it adds. Applications close on 1 March.

The 2019 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

While it remains to be seen who will step into Hales’ shoes, this hasn’t stopped people speculating.

In a 2019 predictions piece exclusively for Legal Cheek, Britain’s leading legal commentator, Joshua Rozenberg, suggested Lord Reed, deputy president of the Supreme Court, was “the obvious candidate to replace her”.

Meanwhile, in response to a story concerning Lord Hodge’s attendance at a gala dinner held by the Federalist Society the right-wing pressure group credited with helping President Trump select his US Supreme Court judges, one Legal Cheek commenter wrote:

“He’s getting it out there before making his run up to being President of the UKSC.”

The hunt for new justices comes just weeks after a husband and wife sat together on the Supreme Court bench for the first time. Lady Arden and her husband Lord Mance appeared side by side as Mance gave judgment in a miscarriage of justice compensation appeal. It’s worth pointing out that the couple didn’t actually decide the case (or any others) together, as their time on the bench did not overlap.

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Katie King

🎶 Let it be me…

Let it be me…

I really really really really want it to be!!! 🎶


His Holiness the Lord Chief Rabbi, the Magical, the Mystical, the Rt Hon Dr Alan Blacker, the Lord Harley of Counsel himself, in person, Boba Fides Verified all-round Litigation Friend to the gods

It’s going to be me.

I’m doing a Denning and taking a demotion from the heady heights of the Privy Arbital Court so as to spread my wisdom down to the lower courts.


Lord Daniel’s of Kent

Prehaps we’ll see some justices of non-white ethnicities and hopefully under the age of 60.



And disabled, LGBT and non Christian?



Hopefully from a broader range of backgrounds. Anything to avoid another Barton v Wright Hassall.



Apparently there’s a disabled farting magistrate sitting at Staines. Shame he isn’t actually a lawyer, otherwise he’d be perfect for the role



The farting magistrate would be a good contrast with lawyer judges, where the crap comes out the other end. Diversity in action.



The comment isn’t making fun of him, its saying that judges talk crap.

Harlington LJ of Council House








So if I candidate applies who does not “increase the diversity of the court” it will be seen as a mark against them? In other words, they will judged not solely by their ability and their character but by additional arbitrary factors they can do literally nothing about, such a skin colour, gender, and sexuality?

How is this not the very definition of discrimination? Shameful.



Yup that’s ‘positive’ discrimination.



Welcome to 2019.



Read: ‘appoint the less able candidate because of diversity’.



Positive action is allowed to rebalance historic inequalities.

If that means that a less able judge from a disadvantaged background is appointed, this is a price worth paying to ensure a diverse judiciary.


Fuck off Winnie


Why not debate me rather than just swear at me?

The Youtube Star

Who wants to see me vlogging a day in the life of a supreme court justice?



Get your sexy legs out, Eve.


Bones Bay

She didn’t perform well enough for a training contract at our prestigious firm.



Let’s think about what really matters in law: doing big corporate deals, then billing clients an unconscionable amount for the work of juniors so tired they’re seeing unicorns in the signature block.

They want diversity, let’s get someone on the SC bench who’s a big swinging dick, cokehead MC/US corporate partner whose last known dealing with statute was under the 1985 Companies Act.

They will be the commenters’ choice. An inspiration to us all. Come on Alex, start a campaign, stop fawning over Lary Hale and give the people what they want!



Companies Act 2006.



The joke

Your head



“The 12-strong all-white bench is currently made up of nine men and three women.“

What an odd statement.

I don’t care about the skin colours of those who sit on the Supreme Court.

I don’t care because, since I’m not racist, I know that skin colour bears no relation to their ability to do the job; and thus that it is about as relevant and meaningful as hair colour, or eye colour.

Why do you care about their skin colour, Thomas?



Where is Kelly Rowland in all this? Now’s her time!


Incontinent Alan

Got to be Lord Harley.

Top bloke and disabled to boot.



I will boot him all over.


Privy Arbital Cunt

I second that.



“[T]next Lady Hale”. We need to avoid having another chippy, gauche, second rate, over-promoted person who only got the job because she was a woman.



Sexist asshole.



he ain’t wrong



All honesty, lady hale might be the best female lawyer in her household, but her cat might give her a serious run for her money


Will the Real Lord Harley Try to Stand Up

His Harliness the LORD HARLEY gratefully accepts the recommendations of his friends



It is I, the Harlington Lordly of Coonsil Hoose, Laird of Big Boogie, Lord Chief Procurator Fiscal of the Fiefdom of Porridge, and I claim my prize!!!!



What you bin smokin’, bro?

Can I have some?



What is it with this site’s bizarre fixation with Lady Hale? She’s not the most impressive jurist currently on the Supreme Court, nor a hugely compelling speaker. Were it not for what’s between her legs, would there really be this level of obsession with her?



I shat me sheets, nurse!



Cunt cunt shit cunt fuck


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