Supreme Court to play Cardiff this summer

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Hale & Co take show on the road with three Welsh gigs in July

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The Supreme Court will complete its tour of the UK with a visit to Cardiff this July. The country’s top court will hear three cases in the Welsh capital between 22 and 25 July 2019.

Lady Hale and Lord Lloyd-Jones took to YouTube this morning to announce the move in English and Welsh.

Supreme Court president Hale said: “As we celebrate St. David’s Day today, I am delighted to announce that the Supreme Court will sit in Cardiff this summer. This means that we will have sat in all four parts of the United Kingdom”, following trips to Belfast and Edinburgh in recent years.

Legal Cheek is regrettably unable to report Lloyd-Jones’s Welsh language remarks, but they sounded lovely.

The court will take over the Welsh Assembly while local lawmakers are on recess. The Ty Hywel building (pictured top) where the justices will sit is named for a 10th century Welsh king, Hywel the Good, who reputedly codified the laws of Wales.

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These days, English law largely rules in the principality, unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland which have formally separate legal systems and get representatives on the Supreme Court. But the body of Wales-specific law has increased since the Welsh Assembly was set up in 1998, and Lord Lloyd-Jones became the first Welsh justice on the top court in 2017.

Hale said that the justices “will hear three very interesting cases” while in Cardiff. Local residents can experience the giddy thrills of a wind turbine planning dispute, damages following solicitors’ negligence or some tricky issues of corporate fraud liability.

Hale & Co went to Northern Ireland last year to hear the “gay cake” religious freedom case, having played three gigs in Edinburgh in the summer of 2017.

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The Supreme Court

Great band, I liked their early stuff



Bit bored of Hale now. She seems to be just a quite dull academic. Could we massively hype up another Supreme Court judge? I like the look of Lord Sales. Those glasses. Lord Carnwath’s chiseled good lucks also deserve far more press attention.



Good lucks.



Hale is second rate, chippy and gauche. She only got a job in the Lords/Supreme Court because she is a woman.



Another Lady Hale wet dream. What will you do when she retires? (soon)






If you do these numbers by the population of Wales and England respectively, sheep shagging is still 50% more prevalent in Wales than England despite having many fewer incidents in absolute terms.


Daffyd Duck 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Damn lies and statistics!



English attempts to smear the Welsh have backfired as government Freedom of Information request reveals convictions for sheep molestation are more prevalent in England than Wales!

LC keeps trying to surpress the truth!


Not Welsh

What have the Welsh ever done for us?


Rotund of Counsel

Cheese on toast and narrow-gauge steam railways.

Two of my favourite things!



You’ve completed the list first time. There is a reason that the question was never used on Family Fortunes.


Super fan

Is Lord Harley going to be the support act? Or are they scared he’ll blow the headliners away?



He’s been left feeling sheepish after being baaaaared from the venue.


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