#5JobsIHad: Social media trend sees lawyers reveal unusual previous careers

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Christmas grotto elf, haunted house scarer, life drawing model and even a bouncer!

The path to legal practice isn’t always smooth sailing, with some lawyers pursuing very unconventional routes before eventually finding their way into the profession.

Legal Twitter has exploded with tales of lawyers’ unique paths into law. Using the hashtag #5JobsIHad, solicitors and barristers last night revealed the five jobs they held prior to their current post, and Legal Cheek has rounded up some of the best.

It wasn’t all paralegals and legal assistants as you might think. Rachel Law, criminal barrister at Goldsmiths Chambers, is a case in point. Proving that varied life experience is just as important as having stellar academic credentials to bag a career in law, Law revealed she held posts as a “medieval wench”, “Christmas grotto elf” and “haunted house scarer” before finding her place at the bar.

This was something fellow barrister Emmanuel Goldstein knows too well. “It’s vitally important, imho [in my humble opinion], for people entering the practice of law to have practical, real world experience outside of it,” he tweeted, before revealing his experience extends to “bouncer”, “book store clerk” and even “maître d’”!

Also sharing their top five unique career journeys were Dan Herman, partner and Leeds office head of litigation outfit Stewarts, and Ceri-Ann Taylor, solicitor at specialist medical negligence firm Enable Law.

Laywers LegallyShort and CrimeGirl, who both tweet under an alias, shared their particularly unsual pathways to the profession:

Chris Bowman, an associate at personal injury firm Minster Law tweeted he had previously worked as a fireman

While Kate Murray, a solicitor specialising in medical negligence at Minton Morrill Solicitors revealed her five includes working at the checkout at supermarket chain Asda. “I still hear the beeping now 😂”, she quipped.

Barman/barmaid, shop assistant, singer, waiter/waitress, sports coach and even “glass picker” made an appearance on some lawyers’ extraordinary CVs:

Summing up the series of tweets, Owen Franks, commercial property solicitor at Ashtons Legal, commented that “they show how varied the legal profession has become”, whereas before, “solicitor” and “partner” would be the only roles featured.

Feel free to share your #5JobsIHad in the comments section below.

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Weird flex, but okay.



I’ve experienced a lot of middle class people listing these type jobs in order to sound ‘gritty’/like they’ve overcome social barriers to become a solicitor – forget to mention they were working part-time, living at home and/or largely being funded by parents.



Most of them seem to be part time jobs alongside schools college and uni. I prefer those with precious careers. The fireman one is a strong flex.



Judging by the dislike rate of your comment, it seems you’ve triggered a few of said Middle Class -> Working Class posers.



I started off working at a sardine factory near Hull. The pay was awful so I moved just outside of Luton and made a fair wedge as a sex worker – not particularly classy clients but high volume. After an incident that I do not want to discuss I moved into the charity sector in a fairly bland/administrative role. I did that part time whilst studying my law degree. During my LPC and missing my former income I got back into the game in the form of online webcam modelling – much safer but still playing to my strengths. I am starting my training contract at Jones Day next year.



Former cleaner here!

Now at the Bar.


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