City lawyer whose ‘sexist’ LinkedIn message sparked media frenzy switches firms

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Alexander Carter-Silk made headlines in 2015 after praising Charlotte Proudman’s ‘stunning’ profile photo

A City lawyer who found himself at the centre of a media storm over a comment he made in relation to a junior barrister’s LinkedIn profile photo has moved firms.

Alexander Carter-Silk was a partner in the London office of US outfit Brown Rudnick, when in 2015 he fired off an ill-judged private LinkedIn message to Charlotte Proudman in which he complimented her on her “stunning” profile photo.

Proudman, a family law specialist, promptly posted a screenshot of the correspondence to Twitter, describing it as “offensive”, “sexist” and “misogynistic”.

Now, almost four years on, Carter-Silk has made his first career move since the incident blew up, opting to join listed outfit Keystone Law as a “consultant solicitor”. According to his new firm profile, Carter-Silk has over 30 years’ experience in IP law and is well versed in cross-border cases involving multiple jurisdictions.

In response to Proudman going public, Carter-Silk stressed at the time that the comment was in reference to the “professional quality” of her picture which was, unfortunately, “misinterpreted”.

Following the incident, Proudman, now a member of London’s Goldsmith Chambers, was criticised by some, with the Daily Mail going as far as labelling her a “feminazi”. She has since gone on to become a vocal proponent for equality, particularly within the legal profession, and recently revealed how she received a letter on “judicial headed note paper” explaining how she needed a “good spank” following her decision to tweet the message.

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Mr. Charles

Man moves job. Nobody cares.



Is this news?



Legal Week seem to think so too



* Legal Weak


Is our society getting ageist?

If he wasn’t a old man but a handsome virile trainee she would have liked the comment.



Slow news day eh?



Leave this poor f*cker alone. He has suffered enough.



So a bunch of presumably ugly jealous women are triggered.

Why is this news?



We are all now terrified of making a move and cannot wait for the latest lifelike robotic love dolls to be approved for service. They come with 3 different heads so there’s something for everyone and are guaranteed never to complain, sue or expect a drink to be bought for them (ie after suspending their sexist beliefs until they possess the drink).
We’ve had enough and love dolls are the future.



Robots have feelings too!





Who makes a move on LinkedIn?!



This is not news



Do you want a training contract?



Don’t you have bigger problems right now?


Frat Partner

Its what we’re putting our bigger problems in that’s getting us in trouble.



Any one else starting to feel sorry for this old man?






To play devil’s advocate, would a man tell a man that he has a “stunning profile picture”? Unless the two were already familiar with each-other (and possibly gay), I doubt it. Alexander Carter-Silk claims he was commenting on the quality of the photo, which is unlikely considering the quality is pretty average for a Linkedin user pic. Anyway, the embarrassment caused to him is arguably an overreaction.



Do we really have to have this debate again.

You know, the debate where the natural conclusion is that CP is a spiteful, profile-building psycho?

I thought we reached that conclusion 4 years ago.



It’s only just gone midnight.

Going to be a long night deleting comments at LC.


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