Law student Kim Kardashian given special Kim Kardashian-themed revision questions

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The perks of being rich and famous ??‍♀️

If Kim Kardashian studying to become a lawyer wasn’t strange enough, a US bar prep course provider has gone out of its way to supply the reality TV star with her very own Kim K-themed revision questions.

Yes, that’s right. KK has been gearing up to sit the California bar exam with the aid of sample multiple-choice questions (MCQs) written all about her family and friends.

“They gear them towards me and my product”, the businesswoman, model, socialite and now first-year law student, wrote on Instagram this week. “Stuff to really help me understand.”

You can try a couple of the questions, drafted by JD Advising, below:


Kim spent her Labor Day studying Contract law. She was feeling tired and stressed out so her husband, Kanye, decided to surprise her with a deluxe spa package from her favourite spa. He purchased the spa package for Kim and told the spa Kim would be contacting the spa to set up an appointment at the day and time of her choosing.

On the day that Kim went to the spa for her scheduled appointment, the spa did not have the ingredients for the facial that came in the deluxe spa package.

If Kim sues the spa for breach of contract, will she be successful?

(A) No, because Kanye, not Kim, entered into the contract with the spa.
(B) No, unless Kim could show that she detrimentally relied on the contract.
(C) Yes, if the spa was not able to substitute an ingredient of similar value.
(D) Yes, as an intended third-party beneficiary.

Criminal law

A woman was driving, distracted by the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app on her phone. She was so distracted that she inadvertently hit a construction worker. The construction worker was injured and went to the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital. However, the construction worker survived.

Is the woman guilty of attempted murder in a common law jurisdiction?

(A) Yes, she is guilty of attempted murder in the first degree.
(B) Yes, she is guilty of attempted murder in the second degree.
(C) No, because she did not have the specific intent.
(D) No, because she did not come dangerously close to committing the crime.

As you might suspect from a social media superstar of her standing, Kim K’s foray into law has been well-documented. She’s shared study snaps, given shout-outs to her favourite law lecturer and even recreated Elle Woods’ iconic Harvard admission video essay.

Still hungry for some more Kim K MCQs? You can find more (along with the answers) here.

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