‘Kirkland & End It’ is the latest corporate law meme account poking fun at the profession

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Is this a new social media trend?

Now there’s a ‘Kirkland & End It’ Instagram account poking fun at the legal profession.

The meme page, which is in no way associated with Kirkland & Ellis, has 1,214 followers at the time of writing, and uses an adapted version of the US firm’s logo.

“Our memeable time is £500 per hour + VAT + disbursements,” the anonymous user quips.

The account launched in March and has since shared 38 memes poking fun at trainee life, billing targets and moneylaw salaries, among other things. Here are Legal Cheek‘s faves:

“I want to become a lawyer to help people”

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“I want to become a lawyer to help people”

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Law students, a 2.1 in tort does not mean you are a lawyer

The paralegal-trainee divide

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You mean you don’t have a training contract?

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A swipe at non-Russell Group uni students securing TCs

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

The circle of law life

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The circle of life

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Keep calm and keep billing

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20 hours of billables a day keeps the doctor away?

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*Visible confusion*


Launching law meme accounts on Instagram has become somewhat of a trend in recent months. Earlier this year we saw ‘Allen & Over It’ (a play on Allen & Overy) grace the pages of Legal Cheek.

‘Slaughtered and Dismayed’ (a play on Slaughter and May) was brought to our attention last October. The page mocks life in City law through the medium of memes, and has since gathered a 12k-strong following.

Neither ‘Allen & Over It’ nor ‘Slaughtered and Dismayed’ are affiliated with the magic circle duo.

Last month, we brought you ‘Magic Circle Confessions’, an Instagram account that allows City lawyers to anonymously submit their “juicy secrets”.

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Bombay Bad Boy

“The account launched in March and has since shared 38 memes”

That is an incredibly poor rate of output, especially considering the quality of that output is so low. P


Winston “Bombay Bad Boy” Smith

Legalcheek has censored my second sentence by removing everything apart from the letter “p”. So brazen even Big Brother wouldn’t have dreamt of it.



What did it say?



Not very amused at legal cheek offering free “clout” to Instagram pages that seem to divide the law community by ‘old skool’ politics, such as mocking what type of university people are going to, and having a seemingly lack of respect for all legal professions.

Might seem funny in the moment but it may have a negative impact on current law students already seeing such culture still existing…


Bombay Bad Boy

I could try and explain to you that the meme is better interpreted as a critique of those attitudes which you rightly dislike. Instead, let me just recommend that you switch off the TV whenever you hear any of the following words:

a) Frankie Boyle
b) Bill Burr
c) George Carlin
d) Bill Hicks

This is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure others can give you some further helpful suggestions.


Archibald Pomp O'City

“Try and explain”

Try “try to explain”

I would try to explain why if I could be bothered.



Seek help immediately



Here is a tip, buddy, such culture still exists.



Waiting for Kirkland NQ to launch his own insta. Just wanna see the daily lambos



Thanks for covering this. It’s a great account, and I’m now following it. I’m an associate at a US firm in London, and it’s close to the truth.



This comment is so dry that chicken tastes like rainbow


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