Extinction Rebellion lawyers perform ‘theatrical and arrestable’ protest outside Law Society office

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Follows demonstrations earlier this week

XR lawyers campaign outside The Law Society headquarters on Chancery Lane — credit @legalhackette (Twitter)

Lawyers for Extinction Rebellion (XR) today targeted The Law Society headquarters on Chancery Lane in London, Holborn, urging the professional body to declare a climate emergency.

The protest group, for legal professionals and law students interested in climate change activism, performed a “theatrical and arrestable” action outside the Law Society building on 113 Chancery Lane which it live-streamed online. The protest was initially planned to take place outside the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) central London office.

Today’s action follows Wednesday’s protests outside The Law Society, Bar Council and SRA demanding that they declare a climate emergency, adopt a green code of conduct, provide leadership and clarity that participating in peaceful protest will not result in repercussions. XR has made further demands to each legal representative body.

It challenges the SRA to “confirm or deny lawyer rights to engage in peaceful non-violent protest, without fear of losing their right to practise”. In an open letter to the SRA the group demands, among other things, the regulator revise its “inequitable” assessment of character and suitability for climate activist lawyers convicted of more than one public order offence. The rule considers more than one conviction indicative of ‘most serious’ criminal conduct leading to disqualification, they say, adding that they “must not lose their jobs” or “right to practise and livelihoods” by engaging in environmental protests.

“[M]any lawyers are fearful of even attending an Extinction Rebellion meeting, let alone engaging in a peaceful, non-violent direct act of civil disobedience,” the group says. “And no matter whether that fear is misplaced, XR suffers by losing a group of people whose skills can be so valuable to our cause. If that disobedience results in arrest and conviction, we risk the right to practise our profession.”

A Leigh Day associate has previously cautioned lawyers joining the protests that they could risk disciplinary action.

A spokesperson for the SRA said: “We always look at any concerns raised with us on a case-by-case basis.”

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Today marks the third day of demonstrations in the capital. XR paused demonstrations amid the coronavirus outbreak and restarted their efforts last Friday.

Earlier this year, the environmental group protested outside City firm Slaughter and May for its links with the oil industry. They demonstrated outside the Royal Courts of Justice in October 2019, and parked a blue boat with the message “Act Now!” outside the building’s main entrance in July last year.

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Strike them off. They are deliberately breaching their obligations.


Shut up.


Ah, a leftist from the quality of the substantive engagement. They are like Daleks scream “Cancel! Cancel!”. Pathetic.


Great, more disruption and being told how to live our lives by virtue signallers (who are statistically more likely to be narcissists or psychopaths).

Anon and on

If it was an arrestable event, why weren’t they given the Piers Corbyn treatment and put in handcuffs before receiving a £10,000 fine?

The sheer arrogance of claiming that offences committed in the name of virtue-signalling, sorry, the environment, should be of no account as a matter of professional discipline, is breathtaking. It is also irreconcilable with the legal establishment’s outrage about the outing of “activist” lawyers: if the answer to the Home Office’s frustration with unmeritorious last-minute appeals designed to frustrate deportations is that this is perfectly fine and that if the Home Office does not like it, Parliament can change the law, then these ER idiots can stand for Parliament on a platform of legislating us back to the Stone Age. Unless and until they make it law that we are in a “climate emergency”, they can face the usual consequences of their actions, such as those meted out to Piers Corbyn.


People have conflated left-wing causes with objective social progress, so whatever ‘progressive’ protestors do (disruption, violence, etc.) is given a free pass by the media, the police, etc.

If leftism truly did make our societies better 100% of the time then we would all be living in communist utopias. Remember that the Soviet Union and Maoist China were all the result demands for ‘equity’.


Park life


XR have failed to engage politicians and the wider public which is why they continue with their immature antics.

There is an element of lunacy about their leaders in encouraging their followers down the route of civil disobedience (especially during the pandemic).

Their demands are not realistic and as such are ignored. Many of their followers have a larger carbon footprint that the average person in the UK. They are hypocrites, you only have to take a look at some of their online profiles to see that they are certainly clocking up the air miles.

The reason for trying to stop the circulation of newspapers is because they don’t print the news that they want.

People can feel passionate about the environment and keep their own carbon footprint low without nailing their flag to XR’s mast.


Fact is, these people are likely to be narcissists, who either think that it should be everyone else’s responsibility to fight climate change (not theirs), or who think that supporting ‘progressive’ causes might disguise the fact that they’re terrible people.

Fillable Power

See also barristers sitting on their bums giving pocket change to Syrian refugees, operating from chambers that will wait 50 years before having a pupil with Syrian parents.


I’m sure the lawyers will be rushing in to support both sides as usual, & to cash-in on the XR events. I’m surprised they aren’t ambulance chasing already. Useful idiots are good for the law & legal conflict business. XR Extinction Rebellion are nothing but another Left Wing Socialist, Marxist Communist group, in which the Useful idiots are made to feel they are running the World agenda. All tied into the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, the establishment running another controlled opposition group, what better way to control the opposition than to lead it. Thesis, Anti-Thesis generating Synthesis with control of all sides.Mis-leading and duping young people, this is a mass brainwashing of young minds by Totalitarian Socialists.


I bet if you asked the XR lawyers what they are doing personally in their own homes to make them more energy efficient that they would not have a clue. They are virtual signalling not walking the talk.


Groups like Friends of the Earth should distance themselves from this organisation.


No, no, can’t tell, yes, actually no.

A. Barrister

“Look at me!! I’m so enlightened and clever because I say I care about the environment. Look at me!!!! Don’t you care about your children’s children dying when the sun explodes?!! Look at me!!!

Why are you shaking your head and filming me? Don’t you want to be a lovely, kind person too?? We have to make as much noise as possible about the environment!!!

LOOK AT ME!!! Please ‘Like’ all my Twitter posts? It makes me feel like I have one over all the horrible people from school. You like me, right?”

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