ShantyTok: law student edition

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Legal Cheek‘s take on the viral vid trend

As if to shield lockdownees from a serious case of January blues, the universe graced us with yet another TikTok craze: #ShantyTok.

The global trend started after a Scottish postman, who has since bagged a record deal after reaching viral fame, posted his cover of traditional sea shanty, The Wellerman. The sing-a-long frenzy has since stormed the video-sharing app — unearthing a secret love for 18th century sailor songs and perhaps even suggesting that after three national lockdowns, we’re all finally losing it.

After spending several hours practising harmonies in the shower, Legal Cheek‘s Adam Mawardi shares his rendition of the painfully catchy sea shanty — with a law student twist.


My brain 🧠: don't sing it, don't sing it, don't sing it, don't sing it, don't sing it! Me: ⛵ ##law student ##law ##lawyer ##seashanty ##fyp ##foryou

♬ original sound – legalcheek

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Your useless fact for today:

It isn’t a shanty. Shanties are work songs for hauling and heaving and generally have some kind of call-and-response structure. ‘The Wellerman’ is a sea ballad, sung for entertainment rather than work.



🎵I’m a barbri girl…

In a barbri wuuuuuuurld🎵


Fantastic in Plastic

Oh I love you Ken!


Let's go party

Well, FiP, we are just getting started.


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