Jo Maugham QC claims Allen & Overy blacklisted him and his chambers

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Tax barrister says ‘ban’ came in ‘aftermath’ of fox killing tweet

Jolyon Maugham QC

Jolyon Maugham QC has claimed he and his chambers were blacklisted by a magic circle law firm.

Addressing his some 260,000 followers on Twitter on Sunday, Maugham alleged that the head of litigation at Allen & Overy had contacted Devereux Chambers to inform it that, “so long as I was in Chambers, not only would they not send any work to me, but they would not send any work to any other member of Chambers either”.

Maugham added that the “ban” came in the “aftermath” of a “stupid tweet” on Boxing Day 2019 in which he revealed he had “killed a fox with a baseball bat” while hungover and wearing his wife’s kimono. The fox had been caught in protective netting around a chicken coop in the garden of Maugham’s London home.

In two further posts over the weekend, the barrister claimed the magic circle law firm “later withdrew the ban” and that he subsequently “offered to keep the matter confidential if they tendered a private apology”. They “refused” this offer, according to Maugham.

Maugham, a prolific tweeter who became a leading anti-Brexit voice, was until recently a member of Devereux Chambers, a London set which covers a range of specialisms including commercial litigation, insurance and tax. He left the chambers late last year.

A&O and Devereux declined to comment. Maugham didn’t respond to our request for comment.

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I’ve heard he’s now accepting instructions from Fox & Killiams LLP


Interested observer

Is this the Good Law Project burning its ships, Cortés-style, or a tax lawyer having a mid-life crisis?





the legal press is running out of ideas

why do we care
like seriously this is meta-drama from old drama that wasn’t that funny first time round
also that fox should’ve been clobbered piece of shit animal



Can you let me know which firm or chambers you are with so I can withhold instructions for as long as you are engaged there?


lol what is even going on in the world

Ironic that a virtue-signalling lawyer got cancelled by an even more virtue-signalling lawyer. Methinks that A&O 1 some bloke on Twitter 0.



Oh and I thought cancel culture didn’t exist! They don’t like it much when their actions have consequences too do they…



Please, Legal Cheek, stop encouraging the wretched man…


Franklin Price

The unspeakable in pursuit of the Untaxable ?


Nope, You Aren’t A Victim

God, if it had been a GDL student who willingly tweeted about killing a fox with a baseball bat, you can bet A&O may have thought twice about offering a TC. Same with chambers.

Incredible that Jolyolloyoloyon thinks he ought to be beyond judgement for his actions.


Bert the Chirpy Chimney Sweep


It’s a jorly horliday with Jolyon…

Pretending that ‘eez workin’ class…

He says that he’s pretty ordi-nary…

But really he is up his own ARSE🎵


Critical Thonker

Joly-boy didn’t like your comment.


James West

I work at A&O and we kill a lot more foxes when we do deals than Jolyon. He’s just jealous.



The only worthwhile thing he ever did was kill a fox


A finger to cancel culture

Here we go. Another bunch of triggered snowflakes.



Here we go. A flurry of tired buzzwords. It ain’t 2017 anymore, chum.



Either he should have revealed this at the time, or not at all.

Leaving chambers, and then dishing dirt is not cricket.


Pop pop pop

Shots fired! Shots fired! Wonder if the other side will return fi–

oh wait A&O didn’t care enough to comment

Someone needs to take the Twitters and the Facebook away from uncle Jo, he’s clearly not handling them well.


Bored from Tunbridge Wells


Seriously, who cares?



Wearing his wife’s kimono he battered a fox to death with a baseball bat. Not civilised is it? Well done A & O.



There’s no such thing as Bad woke publicity!


Remember Allen & O'Melveny?

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism and inside access material we have come to expect from LC. Loving your work, old sport.


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