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How to make the most of this pupillage application season 

Devereux Chambers' Alice Defriend offers her advice on selecting sets, written applications, and interview prep

Jan 12 2024 8:49am

Pupillage applications: a brief guide

Devereux Chambers barrister Matthew Bignell shares his step by step guide to securing pupillage

Jan 6 2023 11:30am

Revealed: The best chambers for training 2022

The results of Legal Cheek's Junior Barrister Survey are in!

Jan 19 2022 9:15am

THIS WEEK: The Legal Cheek Summer Virtual Vacation Scheme

Featuring magic circle, US and international law firms

Jun 22 2021 10:27am

Jo Maugham QC claims Allen & Overy blacklisted him and his chambers

Tax barrister says 'ban' came in ‘aftermath’ of fox killing tweet

Feb 15 2021 4:42pm

Revealed: The best chambers for training and quality of work 2021

The results of Legal Cheek’s latest Junior Barrister Survey are in

Feb 2 2021 1:15pm

Putting in a pupillage application amidst the pandemic

'Each application is a piece of written advocacy', says Devereux Chambers barrister Charlie Hill, who shares his top tips as the portal reopens today

Jan 4 2021 1:03pm

Fox baseball bat QC avoids prosecution

RSPCA says that 'findings indicate the fox was killed swiftly' by Jolyon Maugham

Mar 5 2020 4:07pm

Revealed: The best chambers for training and quality of work 2020

The results from the latest Legal Cheek Junior Barrister Survey are in

Feb 4 2020 9:03am

Twitter users adding ‘QC’ to their name could be committing a crime, junior barrister warns

'I’m a barrista (sic) -- the QC stands for Quality Coffee'

Oct 21 2019 1:12pm

First legal bid to stop Boris Johnson shutting down parliament fails

Cross-party group has already signalled intention to appeal

Sep 4 2019 11:27am

The chambers with the most supportive barristers — 2019 edition

The new Legal Cheek Junior Barrister Survey results — analysed

Jan 18 2019 9:00am

Five pupillage application form essentials

As the Pupillage Gateway re-opens, Devereux's Harry Sheehan and John Platts-Mills share five ideas to hopefully reinvigorate the process of applying for pupillage and crafting applications

Jan 11 2019 11:43am

The Canary goes after legal Twitterati royalty

Barristers Adam Wagner and Jolyon Maugham QC targeted by left-wing news website following comments they made on social media

Sep 27 2018 9:04am

Revealed: The best barristers’ chambers for training

The results of the Legal Cheek Pupil and Junior Barrister Survey are in

Jan 23 2018 12:07pm

Tax QC turned Brexpert Jo Maugham won’t stand in general election

Devereux barrister won't stand for parliament

Apr 27 2017 10:03am