Slaughter and May to launch legal operations grad scheme

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Will initially recruit two grads

Slaughter and May’s London office

Slaughter and May is the latest law firm to offer graduates the opportunity to pursue careers in new and emerging legal roles.

The magic circle firm’s new legal operations scheme, which runs parallel to its training contract, is expected to launch later this year and run for a two-year period. It does not lead to qualification as a solicitor.

It will see two graduates work within the firm’s knowledge, innovation and legal technology departments, as well as the legal project management and business intelligence teams. Further details are expected in the coming months.

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Slaughter and May isn’t the first magic circle law firm to offer an alternative to the traditional training contract.

Linklaters launched a legal operations graduate scheme in March 2020 covering core business functions such as project management, innovation and pricing, and its first cohort started in the summer of last year. Allen & Overy created a tech-focused grad scheme in 2018 that leads to a qualification in project management, while Clifford Chance started a similar programme for school-leavers.

Beyond the magic circle, Norton Rose Fulbright has run a business and legal operations scheme for graduates since 2018, while Ashurst has a programme for graduates looking to qualify in non-traditional legal service areas.

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The law is a profession with: systemic levels of performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, and the general stresses caused by extreme competition (even just to start the career); a working environment that stifles displaying one’s personality for fear of not fitting in with a conservative office culture; and a reputation for rewarding good work with more work, accompanied by crushing deadlines, rather than praise – but Heaven help you if you miss a typo when proofing a partner’s draft.


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Do not know how many times it needs to be said: do not go into legal operations / a non fee-earning role unless you have no other choice.

My first week as a trainee at a law firm I walked past a senior associate screaming down the phone at someone in Manchester. Their crime: they had spent too much time proof-reading a very long document. The partner subsequently asked me to take a look and to take “quite a few hours”.

In my second seat, a partner was screaming at a member of the billing team for being late with invoices (when the delay was the fault of her own associates who hadn’t done proper narratives).

I’ve even seen other trainees sneering at “the help” who didn’t go to private school and are either working-class or ethnic, even if said “help” is quite senior in the legal ops team.

Bottom of the ladder, with no rungs above you to climb.



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