CMS and Clydes thank lawyers with Covid bonuses

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Extra 5% and 3% of salary at each firm

CMS and Clyde & Co join a spate of law firms thanking their lawyers and staff with cash bonuses for their hard work throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

CMS is awarding all employees a bonus of 5% of their salary, whilst Clyde & Co is paying its global workforce a 3% one-off sum.

Clydes, whose workforce consists of around 3,600 people, confirmed the minimum pay-out will be £1,000 meaning that some employees will receive a higher percentage award.

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Matthew Kelsall, Clyde & Co’s chief executive officer, said in a statement: “The response of our people to the pandemic and all of the personal and professional pressures that came with it was extraordinary.”

He continued:

“Thanks to everyone’s efforts and their dedication to serving our clients, who themselves needed support in these unprecedented times, we have continued to perform strongly. We’re pleased to be able to recognise everyone’s contribution and say thank you through this bonus.”

On Monday magic circle firm Slaughter and May confirmed all eligible employees will receive a bonus of 5% of salary, mirroring the approach of magic circle rivals Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance and Linklaters, as well as a host of other major City players. And it’s not just cash some firms are rewarding their staff with. Taylor Wessing and Osborne Clarke went one step further with an extra day of annual leave.

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“CMS is awarding all employees a bonus of 5% of their salary”

5% of £1000 ain’t too shabby, lmao.



To the troll who constantly hates on CMS on Legal Cheek articles:

Please understand that you are not doing a very good job of masking the fact that you are extremely hurt about being rejected by CMS. The behaviour you are exhibiting is a text book display of cognitive dissonance, or to dumb it down for you (because you’re not up to my CMS standard) ‘sour grapes’. Lockdown is over, go outside, see people, get a life, have a drink, crack a smile. Please I implore you, life is too short to be a saddo.

And I highly doubt you’re at K&E because I’ve worked at a US firm and you don’t even have time to take a dump there, never mind comment on Legal Cheek articles.

Lots of love,

CMS Associate




Both serious meme firms 🤡





Antonio Banderas

Thanks a lot, fresher with “[INSERT NAME HERE] Does Law” Instagram page.



Are CMS going to announce the NQ rise to £80 -82k??


Academy Student

Is there one? I’ve seen this salary increase in other articles but not sure if its true



Yeah, in previous articles it was mentioned in the comments that they announced a 5% bonus and nq’s on £82k? The bonus turned out to be true so I’m assuming the NQ rise is aswell hmmm…and whilst it may seem too big an increase, if they want to keep NQs (I’ve seen some recent move on to Kirkland, Simpson thatcher etc.) they need to increase from mid-70k



LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. CMS NQs moving to Kirks and STB? They’re more likely to drop out and head to the Government Legal Service. I’m sure Kirkland is DESPERATE to hire a Russell Group 2:1 scraper who qualified into hotels and leisure.


You’re clueless

This comment just demonstrates how disconnected you are from the legal profession…have a look on LinkedIn, plenty move to US firms – obviously I’m not going to name people who have


Certain teams at K&E have incredibly high rates of associate turnover, and they are constantly hiring. It isn’t quite the destination firm that a lot of law students seem to think it is, and it doesn’t surprise me that they would be ignorant of the fact that K&E would be open to hiring capable associates from firms like CMS.

Dunno Dunnovitch

£80 or £82? Where does that info come from? Too big a leap from current £75k?



£73k you mean looooooooooooool



I just gone lay a massive egg. Now I ready for late lunch. Cornflake breakfast out of system.


Bombay Bad Boy

Brilliant. Next you can post a message on Linkedin about how constant, unrelenting rejection will never stop you from fulfilling your dreams of TC success.


Law turned IBR

Clydes have experienced a serious drop off. Not even taking the piss but I remember when people once spoke about them as a serious law firm. Not sure that’s the case now…


Clyde & Come ruin your career

You mean your friends from Leeds spoke about them as a serious law firm. Everyone else spoke about them as a seriously awful firm. Maybe they’ve dropped off from a D-tier firm to an F-tier one. “Sector focus” LOL. Clydes should stick to shipping law and making £70k a year.


Law turned IBR

Did you go to Leeds B uni too?



Anyone know about firms that have been stuck on ~75k NQ, Dentons Addleshaws, Eversheds etc…why have their salaries been stagnant for so long now?


Honest Bill

Because the BTEC gimps who work there can’t get a job anywhere else so there’s no reason to pay them more. Next question.


Earl Wombleby of Chelsea Barracks

Savage bantz



Seriously people do not work those hours for just £80k do they? What gimps!



NQ rise is only for corporate, no other teams get that rise.


Genuine Q

I’m assuming corporate is the largest practice area?? So are say, Real Estate nq’s etc remaining on £75k but corporate nq’s on £82k? Surely this would be divisive..


Fake news

False- this was the case initially but it is now all teams



I heard from a senior associate at CMS that, for the purposes of calculating their bonus, only hours that the client has paid for will count (vs the usual way of all hrs on the time sheet). Is that true? Shocking if so



Sounds about right LMAOOOOOOOOOO


Common Sense Man with a Common Sense Opinion!

All of you lawyers, ‘ad enough with the lot of ya! Giving yourselves big banker bonuses while you defend the guilty and prosecute the innocent! ‘Ad it with the lot of ya! You greedy lawyers! Big banker bonuses! Defend the guilty!


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