Take a Covid-19 test before coming into the office, Skadden tells unvaccinated London lawyers

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Internal memo urges staff to get jabbed

US titan Skadden has told unvaccinated lawyers and staff, including those in London, they will be required to take a Covid-19 test before entering the office, a firm memo has revealed.

In what is understood to be the first major law firm to put a testing requirement in writing, the memo says unvaccinated lawyers and professional staff, who have not had the virus within the previous 90 days, “will be required to have tested negative for Covid-19 within 48 hours of their arrival to the office or any in-person offsite location”.

While Skadden stops short of telling lawyers they must be vaccinated to enter its offices, it does “urge” everyone to do so in consultation with their doctor. The firm goes on to stress that “you should not ask your colleagues if they have been vaccinated”.

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The memo, first reported by AboveTheLaw, also covers a range of other return-to-the-office plans, including a hybrid working model, relaxed summer dress code (jeans are permitted!) and free snacks and coffee on a 24/7 basis courtesy of its onsite cafe.

A raft of law firms have now laid out their plans for office life post-pandemic, with many punting for new flexible ways of working. Major City players such as Clifford Chance, Freshfields and Linklaters have given the go-ahead for lawyers and staff to work away from the office for up to 50% of the time, while US outfit Ropes & Gray told its associates, including those in London, they are no longer expected to be in the office five days a week.

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Akin Pump, Esq., Deal Destroyer

Seems appropriate. On a related note, the new Lambo has an auto-ejection function for any unvaccinated passenger who managed to claw in, or more importantly, any pleb bagging less than 200 bags a year.



Yawn, this is shyte bantz son. Try harder or gtfo.



Fresher Watch

Back to first-year Tort revision for you too pal, ‘Bantonio Banteras’ is a dead character to be masquerading as. Creativity just doesn’t come to everyone.


oRiGInaL BAntZaH

Lmao says the witty pinhead riffing about freshers returning to their revision. 2017 rang mate, it wants its comment back.



You know it’s bad when you slate a fresher and get more dislikes than likes


What are you on about gimpboi?

Skadden LOL

Someone needs to tell the writer of this article that Skadden isn’t a “US titan.” I’d give it a B- grade.



Lol a “B” grade firm that pays NQs 133k. I’ll take it.


Be realistic

Yes because you’re likely a second-year on track for a 2:1 at a university not called Oxford, Cambridge or LSE. Realistically, you’d probably take a job at Addleshaw.


Be even more realistic

Lmao let’s be clear here pal, you can throw as many temper tantrums as you want, but LSE law just isn’t on par with Oxbridge 😂



It probably is better for financial degrees. For law, maybe not but it is not far away. A law degree from the LSE will open the same doors that a law degree from Oxbridge does, and this is facts.


Nothing wrong with Addleshaws pinhead, it’s a perfectly decent City firm.



*regional firm

Be even more realistic

Lmao, how naive are you? 😂 Let’s get something straight buddy, LSE law just isn’t on par with Oxbridge, never has been, never will be



So you thought your comment was so witty that you decided to slightly reword it and post it again an hour later 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t you have lectures to attend?


lmao including LSE in the same breath as Oxford and Cambridge, what a joke



A bit stuck in the past if you need to seek validation about your skills based on your uni. Oxbridge are amazing, for sure, but it’s just one of a myriad of factors which will determine your future. Seems like you peaked in uni!


Someone is salty because they did not make the cut. I’d advise you revise ur notes harder, maybe they’d let u wait tables at their cafe.



Are you insane?

Curious to know what your idea of an “A” grade firm would be then… not asking about your “B-” rating since it can’t be based on serious grounds.



NRF and Mayor Brown are B grade US Titans too and I’d say that they’re all on the same level so I’m inclined to agree with you.



Those firms are not really comparable to Skadden… they are very different animals!



I’m all for trashing firms cos its funny, but what on earth? Skadden is really really well respected in the US.



Yea and not just the US. We are talking about one of the most respected firms in the world for decades and still widely recognised as a “top 3″… Clearly the people thinking otherwise have no sense of the real world.

Seems to me the professionals on this website are scarce. No one would have ever made a silly comment like this about one of the most elite law firms in the world.



You realise you are trashing one of the most elite and most respected law firms on the planet? Looks really daft!



Yea, OP has no idea that Skadden is one of the most well respected US firms in London… probably a student commenting randomly, like many on here.


Cravath Baller

Skadden is lIterally ranked the 2nd most prestigious firm in the United States by Vault here:

and is ranked no.5 by AM100, you clearly have not taken your meds..



Agree that the firm is very prestigious in the US. The discussion is on the London office. In London, it is definitely not viewed in the same light as firms like Kirkland.



Yes, in the English private equity market for sure, although Skadden has been gaining traction in that segment.

As regards M&A and Capital Markets? Different story buddy.

Skadden is (probably) the only US shop in London as highly regarded for high-end M&A work as the MC. Kirkland doesn’t even come close in this respect.

Same’ish for Capital Markets. Especially in recent times with the SPAC boom, where firms like Skadden and Latham have captured an incredible market share of that segment. Again, if you were a big law lawyer, you would know.

I honestly sometimes believe there are few professionals in here… Using Kirkland as an everything metric and not understanding that there are other “worlds” outside of the PE sphere, some which are equally prestigious and top-tier.



You sound like you’re quoting open day materials. At worst, you’re at an irrelevant 80k/year firm who obsesses over the top-tier firms and legal market despite never having a chance of being part of them. At best, you’re probably at an MC firm making less than 100k (LOL). Unironically making the prestige argument 🤣. Don’t you realise that nobody cares about their firm’s market share or prestige? The reason Kirkland is used as an everything metric is because it traditionally pays the highest NQ salary. Doing “high-end M&A” at an MC firm doesn’t make you cool – it makes you an indoctrinated gimp.


And not considering how prestigious and established Skadden is in London too! They have been dominating the M&A market for the past decade alongside top MC shops.



reassuring to know that, whatever the story, a “US megabucks star 2 Lambos in every garage” trainee/associate/fantasist is on slagging that firm off rather than (a) chained to their desk (b) recovering from being chained at their desk or (c) rightfully enjoying their hard-earned cash

hint: some of the lawyers who actually do the calibre of work that 60% of all posters on here claim to do are more concerned with projecting and promoting their success/excellence/ego under their **actual** name than under the line bantz on Legal Cheek under some anonymous pseudonym between lectures


Kirkland 4PQE Deal Shaman

Whatever you say, village boy. Stick to being a postbox in an irrelevant non-country. I hope you enjoy driving your VW Golf with the knowledge that you couldn’t hack it in a real city. I’ll be cruising in my GT3 RS in the meantime.



GT3? Why not GT2?



(1) city woman
(2) that’s some nice xenophobia you’re peacocking. guess we can’t all come from the shires eh?
(3) glad daddy let’s you borrow the car, that’s some cool parenting!



Judging by the comments, I would be surprised if there are any City lawyers on here actually. Seems like a bunch of 1Ls praising Kirkland for unknown reasons.


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