Work from home 50% of the time, Dechert tells lawyers

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Simmons also allows staff to work remotely — but for 60%

Dechert has told lawyers and staff they can work from home for up to half of their time come autumn. The US-headquartered firm will also allow its lawyers to choose where and how they work.

The new model of working will apply from September, which is also when the firm plans to fully reopen most of its offices. From then on the model will be continually assessed.

An internal email from firm leaders Andy Levander and Henry Nassau read: “We believe a post-pandemic future work environment will involve our people spending at least half their time working in person together.”

They added: “At the same time, the future is flexible, and we trust you to choose where and how to work based on your needs, your family, your team and your clients, underpinned by our culture of exceptional client service and an understanding that each of us is responsible for contributing to the fabric and culture of the firm.”

Dechert has also encouraged its staff worldwide to get vaccinated ahead of the office reopening.

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Simmons & Simmons, meanwhile, is to introduce a hybrid working scheme from September, allowing employees to work from home between two to three days a week, if their role allows.

The firm confirmed to Legal Cheek that it will permit staff to come into the office once a week should coronavirus restrictions be lifted come 21 June. This will be the case until September, when the new model will kick in.

City law firms are gradually beginning to put plans in place for the reopening of their offices and remote-working arrangements. Slaughter and May yesterday finalised its home-working plan, which includes the option for trainees to WFH up to one day a week.

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Kirkland Equity Partner Rainmaker Dealmonster 10 Lambos and Counting πŸ’£πŸ’Έ


On a far more important note, I’ll be jet-setting over to Venice today for an afternoon power-play with Bill Ackman on one of my Riva Aquaramas, before hopping back to test drive a custom-built Chiron around Knightsbridge πŸ‘‘

Seriously. Don’t get side-tracked by this ‘Dechert’ nonsense.

Don’t like it? Then gtfo.

Kirks is the dream. This is where the real game-changers are produced. We make the world go round πŸŒπŸ’Έ

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve to make an arduous decision about which Patek Nautilus to choose from the platinum x crocodile skin watch-box that resides in my esteemed corner-office to end what has obviously been another killer week blessed with the Midas Touch πŸ’Έ


Future Dechert trainee

I genuinely think that Dechert is the best firm to work at when you consider all factors. Good range of seats, US, Β£120,000 NQ pay and you only have to work 9 – 7.30 😍😍😍


Sweaty survivor

LMAO. Just you wait until you enter that office at Queen Victoria Street, little grasshopper.


Boiler room pump

“you only have to work 9 – 7.30”

Bless your heart, and get ready to grease up for penetration.


top kek (remember that meme? so 2014)

lmao “reasonable working hours” mate what have you been reading


CMS Trainee

Number one banter firm rather than us.



Man in that picture ready to fire up the Hub


HogLove partner

Good shout. Hope no one from IM is in today…



Why is everyone criticising this firm so heavily? It is no “Kirkland” but, seriously, it is still a very respected US shop which pays good money for less intense hours.

I really don’t get why each firm that isn’t Kirkland is trolled on here.


Legal Cheek Fresher?

You must be new to LC. Every firm gets trashed on here. The only firms that don’t are Kirkland and Latham, although, the catch there is that the person writing the comments in support of them gets trashed instead for obviously being 18 years old.



Outstanding. 10/10.


@Boring Comments R'Us








pls stop

Anonymagic, can you stop referring to firms as being “well respected” “shops” when you’re a student that has been asking really basic questions about legal careers on LC?


Chancery Barrister

I don’t know why I love the banter on this website but it makes me chuckle. Its like in 12 years’ old again at my all boys school in Form 2. The world really went downhill with social media…..


enormous peen energy

you mean “being”?
what’s a chancery barrister doing on here anyway?


Chancery barrister

Light relief.

Self evidentially barristers view this site given the number of chambers’ lists/rankings published.


rough lad from east

or barrister wannabes that haven’t even started the BPTC (let alone thought about getting pupillage)

wonder which category you fall into mister!


Junior chancery barrister

Why shouldn’t we be on here? I started as a student. That was a few years ago. I found it entertaining then and find it entertaining now. I didn’t turn into a new species when I qualified…


rough lad from east


Old Guy


Clearly a typo kid, relax.


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