‘Pls fix, thx’: Is this the latest junior lawyer social media trend?

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Rookies share pics correcting docs from weird and wonderful places

You might have come across on one of your scroll sessions through Instagram and thought: ‘what’s that all about?’ We’re of course talking about photos of junior lawyers in strange places with their laptops out and the caption, ‘pls fix, thx’.

This seems to be the latest social media trend among rookies who are taking photos of the weird and wonderful places they’ve had to ‘fix’ a document at short notice after receiving feedback from their seniors. They then fire these off to some of Insta’s biggest law meme accounts so other juniors can share their pain.

@nonequitypartner‘s Instagram Story highlights has a selection of ‘pls fix, thx’ moments submitted by lawyers. The owner of the account said they’ve recently been inundated with submissions which could be down to the fact lawyers are working remotely more than ever before.

The instances the account shows lawyers have had to revise documents last minute range from over dinner and drinks to working out, whilst travelling in Ubers, stuck in traffic or boarding planes, mid-stag and hen do’s, in hair and nail salons, on sun loungers at the beach or poolside on holiday, and in one instance, whilst on the loo.

Below are some of the more eye-catching submissions:

Pls fix whilst sunning in a hammock on Tulum beach, Mexico

Pls fix whilst poolside in Cancún, Mexico

Pls fix whilst sat on a rainy rooftop terrace

Pls fix whilst working out on a spinning bike

Pls fix whilst skiing on the slopes

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Pls fix during karaoke

Pls fix in the hair/nail salon

Pls fix whilst moving house

Pls fix whilst on the loo

And in another submission featured by the account, a London partner appears to have sent an email to a junior telling them to “unf*ck clause 6 please” so they can get a document over the line.

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