‘Will a 52 in contract prevent me securing a City training contract?’

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Graduated with a first

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one Legal Cheek reader harbours concerns that the 2.2 they scored in their contract module has damaged their dreams of securing a training contract with a commercial law firm.

“I wanted to enquire whether the fact I got 52 in contract law will prevent me from ever becoming a trainee at a commercial law firm. I have since completed my LLB from Bristol, graduating with a first.”

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I got a first in History despite failing an elective module (in photography of all things). At interview, I took the opportunity to address it head on during my TC interview and made an excuse for why I failed (and then played up how despite failing it and really lowering my average, I still got a first).

I really wouldn’t worry – make an excuse for why it was a bad day – and then play up the fact you still got a first.


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