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Monday morning round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Sex misconduct claims soar at top law firms after watchdog warned them not to use non-disclosure agreements [Mail Online]

Barclays faces £54m High Court claim from ‘Britain’s FBI’ [The Telegraph]

Nottingham’s new top judge was told at school to apply to ‘Woolworths’ [Nottinghamshire Live]

Iceland back in court with Iceland over use of the name Iceland [Metro]

Legal eagles are all the king’s men now [The Age]

Billionaire Mike Ashley escalates bitter legal spat over collapse of department store giant Debenhams [This is Money]

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Inheritance claims from unmarried couples surge as ‘common-law’ myth persists [The Telegraph]

Glasgow murderer who tied up lawyer and torched his house in prison release bid [Glasgow Times]

For Trump’s Lawyers, Legal Exposure Comes With the Job [New York Times]

“Make the most of university life. Make sure you get though your exams but have a rounded experience is important. Don’t just focus on law related activities (which can be pretty dull). Rock climb, sing, play rugby, join the knitting club. Show yourself to be a normal person not just a law geek!” [Legal Cheek comments]

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Re The Mail article, the real story will be how many of the claims turn out to be true.



I’m sure the 117 cases of sexual misconduct the SRA are investigating at this moment are all made up.

Literally, 117 solicitors who never met one another at firms up and down the UK all woke up one morning and thought life would be more fun if they called the SRA and made a spurious complaint for no reason.

That’s so logical, isn’t it? Makes total sense!



Bored better not be a lawyer. No-one said “all” and using such false extrapolation as the basis for the rest of the post is inane.



Did you cry when the lady told HR what you did?



Why, because it wasn’t true?

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