Top tips for law freshers from a future trainee

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Legal Cheek’s Rebecca Hewitt gives guidance to LLB newbies on TikTok

Legal Cheek events coordinator Rebecca Hewitt

About to start to law school and in need of some advice?

Rebecca Hewitt, an events coordinator at Legal Cheek and future trainee solicitor at a national law firm, took to TikTok recently to offer up some of her and the team’s top tips for law freshers.

Watch the video below to ensure you get the most out of law school from freshers’ week to graduation.

@legalcheek Rebecca, an events coordinator at Legal Cheek and a future trainee at a national law firm, shares her top tips for everyone starting law school over the coming weeks #fyp #foryoupage #law #lawstudent #uni #studentlife #freshers #freshers2022 #uniadvice ♬ original sound – legalcheek

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