Slaughters keeps all 47 spring NQ lawyers

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Magic Circle law firm Slaughter and May has confirmed it will be keeping all 47 of its final seat trainees due to qualify this spring. All are on permeant deals.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2023 shows Slaughters recruits around 95 trainees each year across two intakes and provides newly qualified (NQ) associates with a base salary of £115,000.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

The result is an upgrade on the firm’s spring 2022 rate when it kept hold of 85% (33 out of 39).

Slaughters is the fourth member of the Magic Circle to publish its spring figure, with only Allen & Overy still to announce. Linklaters and Freshfields posted rates of 94% (48 out of 51, plus one a fixed term deal) and 97% (33 out of 34) respectively, while Clifford Chance scored 69% (29 out of 42).

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The Slaughter House produces the finest NQs who are intelligent enough to know that the grass is always greener on the other side.


Give ‘em a year

Spring lambs to the Slaughter…



CC in the mud



Poor bastards


skadden 2pqe

no worse than the rest of the magic circle, really

the soulless stare in the mirror will be the same regardless of whether you’re at CC or S&M (and at least at S&M you don’t have to pretend the university of nottingham prodces equally capable graduates as cambridge)



As opposed to skadden where you’re all joyful and full of life when you look in the mirror?



Of course not, but atleast I’m selling my soul for twice the cash.



What’s the NQ at Wilmer Hale in London?


Bullingdon Boo

Poopert DeBeere?

Is that poo…I mean you?



The building alone makes me feel it’s the most boring law firm to work at.


Ex CC lawyer

CC are slowly moving toward a US firm business model while repeatedly saying “we are not becoming a US law firm”. The new bonus system and targets should leave no questions…


A Non

Pray to tell.


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