If law modules were Star Wars films

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May the force (majeure) be with you…

Have you ever sat down to watch your favourite Star Wars film and had a niggling feeling that it was all a bit too familiar? A bizarre sense of recollection, a kind of Déjà vu that can’t be explained? Well, you’re not alone.

Taking to Twitter this week, future pupil barrister Robin Harris has broken down the connections between legal modules and Star Wars films.

The results? Check out the thread below, which with Harris’ permission we have reproduced in full.

Light v Dark

Contract Law = A New Hope

The 2024 Law Schools Most List

Criminal Law = Revenge of the Sith

Constitutional Law = The Phantom Menace

Tort Law = Attack of the Clones

Land Law = The Empire Strikes Back

EU Law = The Force Awakens

Jurisprudence = The Star Wars Christmas Special

May the force (majeure) be with you…